Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How much you wanna bet?

I just called my doctor to find out who I am seeing at my remaining appointments since I couldn't remember who I set them up for. I switch off between the PA and the Dr. but I wanted to make sure that the last few were with the actual Dr. I don't doubt the PA's ability but I wanted the Dr. more so for the bonding since he will be at the delivery.

Well guess what? My doctor is on vacation from 6/27 - 7/4. HOW MUCH do you want to bet I will deliver while he's on vacation? Seriously I'm taking bets. You see my body likes to fuck with me. I really want to deliver on 7/1 (for no good reason). So under normal circumstances because I want to, I won't. But just the fact that my doctor wouldn't be there for a 7/1 delivery, I bet I will.

So maybe there is no point in bonding with either since now I'm convinced I'll have some doctor I never met delivering! Which by the way, I'm totally fine with and from what I hear the back up doctor and midwife are even MORE "natural" than my doctor. Hmmm, maybe that can work out in my favor. And it seems like doctors are pretty much secondary, it's the nurses that really spend the time with you and can make it or break it! I really wouldn't care if Bryan ended up having to deliver, I ain't worrying about a thang right now!


Blogger Anne said...

By my experiences, the Labor and Delivery nurses rock out. I love them. They are attentive and kind and reassuring. Then the baby comes out. Then you get moved to a post preggo wing where the nurses suck ass. Hopefully you will have awesome RNs all the way through...maybe it's some weird texas law. :) Every day you are getting a little closer to meeting this baby; yay Mama C-ta!

10:06 PM  
Blogger sweetney said...

just hope you don't deliver on 7/4, cuz then you know you're gonna get a bounty of cheesy patriotic baby crap. gah.

5:23 AM  

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