Friday, May 27, 2005

Rubbin' it in

Traffic was horrible on the way in today and I realized these weren’t people trying to rush in to work. Nope these were people going on vacation for Memorial Day weekend! If they were the typical commuters, the EZ Pass lanes would be all fluffed up but instead they were all heading South. Probably to somewhere warm and sunny with SAND! I’m so jealous; I would love to be on a beach right now. I would love to feel the sand in my swollen toes, my body actually weightless floating like a buoy in the water, the sun shinning off of my bikini clad bod. I would really LOVE to be able to actually wear a bikini right now but I’m just hoping to be able to wear one again at some point in my life. I would even enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage amidst all that which isn’t very like me (but something girly like a Smirnoff Ice with Razzmatazz or a Daiquiri sounds soooooo good right now). Alas, I sit beneath fluorescent lighting in my little 20’ of personal space with no air circulation and not even windows to speak of. Wahhhhhh!

It seems like my co-workers only responsibilities are to either remind me that A. I’m lucky since we’ve had such crappy Spring weather so far (except for beautiful today) and it hasn’t been too hot or B. That I’m going to be hating life soon when it actually does get hot. Always trying to bring me down! I always have to immediately point out how I’ll be enjoying my paid maternity leave for the rest of the summer while their all stuck in here. Yeah bitch your maternity leave was filled with cold, crappy, rainy days. I’ll be frolicking in the sun and flowers with my new baby (I like to think so and not think about how I’ll probably be pulling my hair out “WHY WON’T THIS BABY STOP SCREAMING!”) And how about I actually don’t mind being hot?!? I’m one of those people who are always cold and I hate being cold! I have to carry a jacket with me in the summer like my frigin’ Grandma incase we go in to an air conditioned place. I love warm weather (and no the 70’s aren’t warm!!) Just because they are all hot and sweaty in the summer doesn’t mean I will be! And so what if I am, big whoop. I’m counting the days until our weather stays consistently above 80 degrees. And I’m really looking forward to swimming in my friends HEATED pool (ahem…you know who you are). That’s how much I like to be warm, I don’t care if it’s 100 degrees out, I still want my pool water to feel like a nice warm bath (and again no the 70’s aren’t warm!) Well she didn’t promise me they’d actually have the heater on if it was that warm out but still I’m jealous enough over the fact that she even has that option to heat her pool!

And to rub it in even further, my family is going on a family vacation that Bryan and I were not invited! My mom, dad, 2 sisters, niece and nephew are all going to Disney World in June. They are even going to stop in a visit my other sister in St. Petersburg. That’s pretty much my whole family and we weren’t invited until I said “What the hell you are all going and nobody asked us!” Then I get the pity invite “Well you can come if you want. We didn’t think you would want to be walking around Florida a month before you are due.” Do you know me at all? Did you think to ASK if I would feel like it and let me make the decision? I love vacations, I love Florida, so much I’d even be willing to hang out with my family to be able to go. I don’t care about traveling or flying when pregnant. If my doctor says it’s OK then I’m there man! If it got to be physically too much (or mentally too much dealing with my parents) I could go back and sit by the pool! The nerve!

So for now and probably the rest of the summer you can find this pregnant girl trying to make the best of the Baltimore weather. Maybe I can talk Bryan into taking us to Ocean City either before or after the little bambino is born (that’s your cue hun). I hope you all have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!


Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

Hey Aaron's family has a place at the beach. 3 bedrooms it's 70's but clean. maybe we could do a weekend trip before the bambino arrives. But you may want to just go without being in the company of two little ones. I would understyand! But according to Bryan it's really not your thing! HaHa he's so funny.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Candice said...

Weell it could be worse. We'll be spending the whole weekend inside, seeing as how we live in Monterey CA and the whole state is coming HERE for their vacation. Whoop de doo. I wish I could say something that wouldn't sound trite when it comes to pregnancy, but all I can say is, I've been there, sister, and I ain't going back! Two times is plenty for me!
BTW, I love ROBEEZ shoes. They're great and my youngest will hardly wear anything else without protest!!

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My pool is your pool girl! My pool boy ( ie: Parker) is out there right now slaving over the pump ( in which he clogged last night w/ leaves) I have spent the last 2 summers swimming in ice water... w/ my 2 freezing cold.. blue lipped, teeth chatterin' babies. So this summer.. I'll take it toasty, thank you. The heater is on. Come on down... we're ready.
~Hame ( + we have a luke warm jacuzzi that would be perfect for a water birth!)

5:35 PM  
Blogger KB said...

I just wanted to say you look really great! and 33 weeks, your almost there!

12:28 AM  
Blogger ChickenFlicken said...

You have to be the cutest pregnant woman I've seen in years!

Hey, though, one thing I think I oughta clue you in on...sometimes your body temperature readjusts after you pop out a couple of the little kneebiters and you end up getting HOT a lot. I used to be Frosty Cold all the time - the refrigerator section of the grocery store was a particularly vile and detested torture - and now I get sweaty. Blah, sweaty!! Gross!!

And another hey, I'm watching "CryBaby", which is directed by the lovely Maryland resident, John Waters. Do you know him? (HAHAHAHA!! Yes, I realize that's like you saying to me, "Hey, you live in South Carolina, do you know Chubby Checker?" or some nonsense.)

I'm glad you came over to my blog - I love widening my circle of internet friends. ;)

9:34 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Hehe, thanks Chicken! When I was in Target I couldn't help compare myself to another pregnant women who was wearing her sweats and oversized T-shirt while I was in my cute little skirt :) I have to make myself feel better somehow!

And although Mr. Waters is quite the local celeb I can't say I actually know him. Well I could say that but if you asked him if he knew me he'd have no idea who you are talking about :)

10:17 AM  

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