Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Our love/hate relationship is now just plain hate

Let me just get it out there that I hate IKEA. You know what I hate most about it, is the fact that we own so much from there. They trap us like that, they'll be the only place that has the right size or color or whatever freaky thing we need and we are forced to shop there. But NO MORE! I even have my fist in the air and stomp my foot down when I say that. Their customer service is bad, the quality is bad, they are ALWAYS "temporarily oversold" no matter what it is we want. But they've gone too far now!

We had purchased a rug for the nursery. We had it down for 5 days and the thing was ruined. Yes we have 2 dogs and an evil cat but the thing was trashed from our dogs walking on it. JUST WALKING. And they were hardly even in the room but the rug had tons of pulls in it. It looked like we took a rake to it or wore golf cleats. We have other rugs in the house that hold up just fine. We've owned other Ikea rugs that never had this problem. So we decided to return the damn thing. I never expect fine quality from Ikea but I do expect things to last more than 5 days under normal use.

Well we get there (still in the allotted return time) and I tell them the reason for return is poor quality. They look at it and instantly start berating us. "Where was this?" "What was on it?" "Did you clean it?" (to which Bryan promptly responded, "that would be a pretty big washer, huh?" "How long have you had it?" Umm check the receipt. So they are inspecting the damn thing forever and more and more people come out to look at it. Now they need to call someone down from the rug department. I am beyond irritated and I finally say "what is the problem, the rug is a couple weeks old, we have the receipt, and we’re still in the return window." And she says "we're just trying to figure out why this happened and we want to make sure that we aren't selling poor quality items." Of course you sell poor quality items; I own a shitload of them and know. You really don't want me dragging my big ass wardrobes in here that were NOT cheap and are complete garbage. Yeah if I pay $100 for a wardrobe I expect it to be cheap but not when we pay over $1k for one and it falls apart in less than a year. I asked the lady if they can determine the quality of the rug after they process my return. The bitch had the nerve to say "well normally we'd deny a refund. There was obviously some kind of rug cleaner (wrong bitch, we don't clean. HA!) and it looks like something was on the edges here AND the tag on the back of the rug is one we usually put the AS-IS info on it. I think this was an old rug." I was livid and falsely accused on all accounts.

And honestly so what if I cleaned the rug or had it in a high traffic area, which I DIDN'T, but you should be able to use a rug for more than a few days without it falling apart. They should at least guarantee their products will last until the return period expires. I think she saw my rage and knew I was capable of many painful things so they decided to quickly process my refund but gave it to me in store credit. Just what I want, more things from Ikea. I'll be buying $80 worth of cinnamon buns or sweedish meatballs!


Blogger Anne said...

ooh, that was infuriate me. If I were you I'd write a nefariously hate-filled letter to the company, pointing out each of your complaints. I'm good with letters and highly reccommend sending them when deserved.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Heaven Sent said...

Customer service is dead, I'm convinced. Suddenly these people are experts in rug care? Give me a break. You had the receipt, which clearly showed you bought it a few weeks ago. What more do they need to know???

12:56 PM  

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