Monday, May 23, 2005

The only time it was BETTER to be a preemie

I'm very freaked out now. My MIL showed us some baby pictures of my husband that I hadn't seen before. I always thought he was such an adorable little boy until I saw the dreaded 16 week old picture. HE WAS ENORMOUS. And I don't mean a big baby, I mean HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? FREAKISHLY BIG. And his head was the same size it is now. And the scariest part, he was a tiny preemie (4 weeks early) but by 16 weeks he was holding world records. It's funny because doctors told his parents he will always be small and frail. Well if you know my husband, you wouldn't ever use those 2 words to describe him. Handsome, funny, intelligent, romantic and sensitive yes...small and frail, no way.

So now all I keep thinking is if my baby ISN'T premature then there is a chance that I will be giving birth to a 20 lb baby (not to mention with the head of an ape). We always anticipated a larger baby anyway but I will not make it out of labor alive if what comes out of me is anything close to what he was like. I wonder how my doctor is with elective C-sections...

I must say he did even out around 8 months. And I'm thankful and love him just how he is. His birth story is actually pretty sad; he was a little miracle (and still is).

His mom's water broke at 36 weeks which back in 1974 was a pretty big deal. Nowadays he probably wouldn't have experienced any of his issues he did back then. He had to have multiple transfusions among other things. Basically they called in the priest to baptize him and told his parents to get ready to say goodbye. His parents were on their way to do just that, I can't even imagine what that trip must have felt like and pray none of us ever have to know. When they got there they found the doctor lying on the table with Bryan on the table next to him with tubes running from the doctor right into Bryan (or however this would be handled back then). The doctor was giving him his own blood in one final attempt to keep him alive. Needless to say this blog wouldn't exist if it didn't end up working.

So I am very thankful for him and in all honestly would be just as thankful for whatever size, color, shape baby we end up having. I'd hate to see my husband if he is the small, frail version of what he would have been if he was full-term.


Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

So sweet!

7:52 PM  
Blogger Rachael said...

LOL! Awww, but he will be such a chubby one. John was the freaking Michlin man as a baby. He was so fat that his mom said he had problems breathing LOL. I was an average chubby baby. And somehow, we managed to have a 6lb 3oz little boy. SO you just never know!

11:31 PM  

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