Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Same thoughts Bryan had but he likes me to come to the realization myself

After much contemplation and a 2nd opinion from my psychiatrist I decided to forego the new meds. It’s not that I don’t trust my OB and his opinion on the matter it’s just that I think when it comes to my mental health I trust my psychiatrist MORE. And I just don’t feel I have a good enough reason to start taking additional meds just yet. The fact that I MAY have some anxiety that is keeping me up half the night just isn’t enough for me to start yet. I think with or without my typical mental issues, any soon to be mom would have the same problems. Now if I literally don’t sleep for 3 days that may be a different story.

Post Partum Depression is still a huge concern but I am currently medicated. It’s not like I’m going in completely unarmored. My psychiatrist said that my current med would be just as good at treating PPD as the new one. Plus my psychiatrist reminded me I tried several SSRI’s before with no success. Most likely this new one wouldn’t be any different. And if I find out I need more help then I’ll seek it. I know the signs (as well as Bryan) and know to act right away so even if I don’t have the meds in me weeks before I deliver I don’t think I’d wait long at all to get treatment and would be on the road to recovery in no time! Let’s hope!

But other depressing news, I had to officially hang up the old wedding rings. I’m very sad about it. I was wearing them around my neck for a few days but they started to drive me crazy. And I was totally paranoid about it. As Bryan said “that’s way too much money to be dangling around your neck on some cheap necklace. Although they are insured, I totally agree. I’d be devastated if I lost my originals regardless of how nice the replacements are! I feel so naked. I don’t care if people think I’m an un-wed mother (gasp!) but I am very proud to be married to Bryan and that was just a physical symbol of that pride. Well they should be back in 7 weeks (gulp) so I can play the field again until then!


Blogger loopis said...

Please note that at 5:13 on this date I have retired the wearing of my anchor....I mean wedding band as well.

My sympathy weight gain and swelling has caused me similar pain and discomfort.

I too shall be frolicking in the "field".
(I of course kid... I love my Big Belly Ho!!!)-B

4:18 PM  

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