Thursday, May 26, 2005

Don't make me repeat myself

When your expecting a child people, mainly family, are constantly asking you how you are doing, how much longer, when is your next doctors appointment, etc, etc...That was part of the reason I started this Mama C-TA blog but it turned into much more than that, as you can see. AND it typically consists of some rather colorful language so I decided this was not for family members eyes. This was my own little private (so to speak) escape where I can be myself, say what I want and while offending people isn't my intention, I told myself I'm gonna keep it real and speak my evil mind. NO CENSORSHIP NEEDED.

While this blog has been a great release it didn't stop all the pregnancy questions and once your asked the same question over and over your answers get more lame (and that's when I start to get more sarcastic and get in trouble). So "How are you doing?" I'd reply "Oh great, the baby is really kicking, I go see my doctor Monday, blah blah." eventually becomes "How are you doing?" and I'd say "Fine, quit asking me." I decided that I did need a site where family could get their updates. I feel very smothered when I'm constantly checked up on even if it's with the best intentions. And usually this doesn't come from my family as they don't show much interest in me. Very different parenting styles than Bryan's parents. I think that's the problem, I am used to very hands-off parents and his are very hands-on. Which is what I love about them but it's a very big change for me.

Anyway I created a G-rated version of Mama C-ta which only contains pregnancy and baby information. I don't inundate them with random rants. I still try to be honest but in a more family-friendly way. I literally copy stuff from here, clean it up and paste. The problem? NOBODY READS THE FRIGIN THING!!!! I had a post saying I have a doctor appointment and I'll post about how it went. Well appointment is as 3:45 and at 4:15 Bryan gets an email asking how my appointment went!!! Look I don't really enjoy maintaining this extra blog so if I'm going to be putting forth this effort than READ IT. Bryan supports them by responding with details! DAMN HIM he's so much nicer than me. I would simply paste the link to the site. It's not that I want the blog to replace all human interaction but I just don't want to have to keep providing the same details over and over.

I haven't had 1 comment on the site not that I really expected to (not sure if they really know how to do it) but I thought with how crazily excited some family is about the baby and wanting to know every tiny detail, I thought they would check it occasionally. Well I have a stat counter and it's not changing!!

So I may or may not keep the family pregnancy site up and running but plan to have a family version once the little man is born. Maybe it'll be a little more interesting for them and if it turns out they don't check that one either, then I'm going to password protect it and show my true offensive colors.


Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

I remember getting sick of people asking over and over again! Ecspecially at the end! Then when I went past my due date I wanted to cuss everyone that said. "you haven't had that baby yet!" I don't know what the new addition is at the Aquarium but there was A LOT of construction! They don't let you bring in strollers, so there was a stroller check.I carried Gianna the whole day ! I would LOVE to go to Vaccaros! Just say the word , I'll pick you up and we'll go! I too can't wait until we can take the kids to museums. There's a lot to choose from!

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