Thursday, June 02, 2005

And I thought it was bad before

The comment from Sweetney regarding yesterdays post had a very good point that I better hope not to give birth on July 4th! Not only will my doctor be out of town but I can count on getting a bunch of red, white and blue baby paraphernalia. I want our baby proud of our country (despite the many horrible things our country does that we shouldn't be proud of), but I don't want him to look like fucking Uncle Sam!

Tonight we have our "Baby Care Class" so it should be interesting. Not nearly as interesting as the birthing class, and hopefully not as scary, but it should be good and helpful. It covers things like techniques to soothe and calm, cord and circumcision care and the things I'm really interested in like how to handle a choking baby and CPR for infants. Among many other things that can only help. It's just a 2 class course then another 1 day class of Breastfeeding and I think I'll have all the schooling I can handle. That's more time than I put in for my entire college education which consists of about 16 credits at the moment.

I think we're really ready for the baby now. We have everything we need and things we don't really need. I think the only thing left to do is just to clean everything. His clothes, his blankets and sheets, the bottles...all that shit and we're good to go!

I also purchased a portable CD player with headphones so I can play the baby some music and have the headphones right on my belly for his optimal listening pleasure. What will I play him? Bryan's old bands, 60 Cycle and Copper Theory, CD are of course! Start 'em young and start 'em right! Which by the way I wish these bands were still around. I think 60 Cycle will be my all time favorite and a CD I'll never get sick of. It's unfortunate they broke up (despite my temporary nickname of Yoko I had NOTHING to do with it!! I can't help the timing just coincided with me and the other guitar players falling out and then Bryan and I starting to date. Purely coincidental!) I think either of Bryan's bands would have been perfect for RocknRomp (speaking of I'm really hoping that RocknRomp is able to put on another show this summer, I think my little guy and big guy would love it!


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