Friday, June 03, 2005

Kitty Bits

I wanted to post a picture of my evil cat since I'm trying to be more accepting of her and make her a part of the family. It's really a struggle! And sadly that is the best picture of her we have. I have never seen an animal so unphotogenic in my life. She’s really cute in person. Her name was originally Zero but we never called her that. Bryan began calling her Kitty Bits and I call her Kitty if she is nice and “Damn Cat” if she’s pissing me off.

Bryan took her in as a stray last September. The plan was to find her a new home but with the thousands of stray cats, nobody would take her. All the no-kill shelters were full and the SPCA says 60% of the animals people take in are euthanized. Knowing people mainly want kittens (and she's evil) we figured her chances weren't very good. So we kept her.

I didn't have a problem with her at first other than I was extremely allergic to her and was miserable. But I didn't want her to be put to sleep because of it. Bryan has since fallen in love with her, my allergies subsided (Bryan swears by the Ionic Breeze!) but my hate has only grown. The whole “in-heat” thing was a nightmare! She was constantly in heat and anytime we had an appointment to have her fixed, she’d go into heat so we’d have to cancel. We finally got that taken care of. But she attacks me daily despite my efforts to avoid her, or to show her affection or whatever will make her spare my life. She seeks me out to bite and claw me to death and is a completely different cat to Bryan. She's been the source of many arguments in our house, I hate that I'm stuck living with an animal that really makes me unhappy yet there aren't too many options. Break Bryan's heart (and feel overwhelmingly guilty if she actually was put to sleep) or live with a cat who physically hurts me daily and brings me such misery? Talk about a rock and a hard place!

So we agreed to see how she is around the bite or scratch on him and she's gone! I took her ability to reproduce I can take her head!

I know I sound like the biggest cat hater but in reality I really like cats and pretty much all animals. It's HER I have a problem with, if she were nice to me, I'd be nice to her....SHE STARTED IT!!


Blogger Anne said...

Damn it! I am not a huge cat lover and yours sounds just amazingly awful on too many levels. I cannot BELIEVE she actively seeks you out for a good clawing! That is just wrong. You know you are supposed to stay away from the litter box in your 3rd trimester, right? I remember learning about toxemia in microbiology. To me, that would be reason enough to bid her farewell but I can only assume that Bryan is doing litter duty.

7:41 AM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Fortunately I knew about Toxemia and the risks with pregnancy but I've used that excuse not to change the litter box even while we were trying to conceive "just incase I got pregnant." Anything to get me out of that chore!

Actually since Bryan is the reason we have her...still, it's always his duty to change it, pregnant or not!

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

Our lanlord won't let us get a cat. I'm always afraid that the cat will never live up to Morris! Wasn't he just the sweetest? Or maybe you really never paid attention. I don't know. Kitty Bits did act a little crazy while I was there. Hailee kept calling her something? Thats the night I told Hails that I was going to the car to get her Reeses Penis butter cups, which I've never said before!

6:58 AM  

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