Friday, May 20, 2005


Or otherwise known in our household as Thank God it's Thaiday! We started going to this little Thai place a while back and we became hooked. Every Friday we couldn't wait to get there and start chowing down. We never even looked at the menu anymore, the servers even knew what we wanted: 2 salads with sesame dressing, Panag Curry Chicken, Chicken Pad Thai and an extra bowl of rice. Occasionally Bryan would throw them off by adding some Sushi into the mix. Man that is some GOOD SHIT! (Speaking of shit I just had to pull a dangler out of my dog's ass. Every now and then he consumes a piece of my long hair and shits it out and a turd always sticks to it so it's hanging about 4 inches from his ass and he doesn't know what to do. He'll run around in that hunched posture - as if he's taking a shit - until I come with a sandwhich bag around my hand and pull it out) OK back to Thai...

There is just something about those Pad Thai noodles that brings me such joy. We always have to share this combo because the Pad Thai is so sweet and tastey then the Panag Curry is a sharp contrast with it's fiery flavor. Perfect Harmony. It's funny because, as my friend Lisa reminded me, when I first found out I was pregnant the same weekend we were in Chicago visiting her I was telling her how I couldn't eat Pad Thai anymore while pregnant because of the peanuts. This eventually turned out to be a huge misunderstanding on my part. The day I found out I was pregnant Bryan and I celebrated by watching an episode of Oprah where Julia Roberts, pregnant with twins, was the guest. JULIA was saying how SHE couldn't eat peanuts while pregnant which I thought meant I couldn't eat peanuts while pregnant. Ends up somewhere in her family lie some hardcore food allergies. But for a while I was devestated about missing out on Thaiday. But it turns out it didn't matter because in the midst of my morning-sick 5 months the thought of Thai made me want to, and actually vomit. But one day I talked myself into eating it and once I threw it up it really killed the mood for it and we haven't been back since. So tonight was almost like a born-again Thaiday. Damn it was good!

The only thing that makes that meal better is a nice dessert chaser. Yes, Heaven does also come in pint sizes disguised in a little carton with the words BEN N' JERRY'S accross the front. What a good frigin' day!

And now that I mentioned Julia Roberts I was thinking that before I was pregnant and a "Big Belly Ho" as Bryan says, I would be told I look like Julia Roberts at least 5 times a day. I heard it so much I actually started believing it. But once I was implanted not ONE person has said that to me. She was pregnant too, why didn't her face get all fat and puffy (with twins none the less!!!)


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