Tuesday, June 07, 2005

10 things...

I miss or hate because of pregnancy

(In no particular order)

1. Miss diet soda – yes I can still drink it in moderation but I don’t because I have a hard enough time getting my healthy fluids in a day. I love drinking soda to my hearts content without worrying about calories
2. Miss coffee – in the morning daily, need it and love it
3. Miss HOT baths – just not the same luke warm
4. Miss spooning my husband when sleeping – now I just wrestle with millions of pillows
5. Miss sleeping on my back
6. Miss tight jeans with heels – I still wear heels occasionally it just doesn’t have the same sexiness to it
7. Hate peeing constantly – I long for the days where I’d pee like twice. I hate being interrupted during anything with the need to pee
8. Hate comments – oooh the comments, you know the kind
9. Hate having so many doctor appointments!
10. Hate my body – cellulite the top culprit and I really miss my nice arm and stomach muscles.

I love about pregnancy

1. My body – I know was listed above, it’s this whole kind of love/hate thing. But I really LOVE my body right now and the bigger the belly gets, the better. I feel much prettier than I have before in my life.
2. Feeling the baby move
3. The preparations and anticipation
4. Already having a son – I think I would be just as happy not knowing the sex but I love knowing it is a boy and referring to him by his name. He’s a very real little man.
5. Not having a monthly menstrual cycle!
6. The friendly looks from strangers – being tattooed I normally just get rude stares or dirty looks but now they are actually nice and “accepting” glances.
7. Having our baby all to ourselves right now - yeah I’m selfish like that
8. Daydreaming about what he’ll look like or little things he may or may not do
9. Having a bigger appetite – I love eating and I love that I can eat even more. A whole pizza vs. a half is so much better!
10. Having a reason to not have the damn dogs sleeping in our bed anymore!


Blogger Brandi said...

AMEN to that! Love the list!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Rachael said...

Oh I love both lists. They bring me back. Makes me excited to be pregnant again, wow, scary!

11:03 PM  

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