Friday, June 10, 2005

You can relax, they are back

Back by popular demand, the baby links to the right here are up and working again. We had issues with the original domain they were hosted on so needed to switch them over. I keep meaning to fix the page up and make it prettier and easier to read because I can be kind of anal like that but just haven't gotten around to it. But I'm glad to know many of you find it useful. Oh speaking of these links, check out the rockin' baby sling I just got (very first one on the page, it’s reversible). It’s literally a Rockin’ Baby Sling. It just came in today so I haven’t messed around with it yet. I had one pouch sling already but this one with the rings will fit both Bryan and I. I love a lot of their slings, this one was one both Bryan AND I agreed on. I don’t know why he wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing the black with pink stars!

I forgot to mention how we skipped yesterdays Baby Care class #2. I was kind of disappointed we didn't go because I really wanted to see the CPR but I had a feeling with how undetailed they are, I could find the same info on the internet. It wasn't going to be like we each had our little fake baby to practice on. She probably would have just demonstrated in front of the class or played a dumb movie. I still have my breastfeeding class to go to this Saturday so I'm looking forward to that.

My appetite is out of control. It's kind of scary just how bad it is these days especially after recent events. And I have no cravings for anything healthy, I was trying to force some grapes down which I normally love but all I keep thinking about is Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk with a nice side of Dunkin' Donuts (yes Dunkin' Donuts kick Krispy Kreme's ass!) And nothing seems to fill me up. I am literally starving, stomach growling and everything. I don't know what to do! But if I step on that scale again Tuesday and she says 8lbs one more time I'm going to yank the baby out right then and there. I CAN'T gain more than 70 lbs. Do you hear me? I CAN'T! Well I am sure I easily could but if it's looking that way then I'm just going to start eating the fat off of my own body instead of eating everything in site! I'm gonna have to nurse every baby on the block to help burn additional calories!!!

We're planning on doing my belly cast this weekend. I wanted to wait as far along as I could but think my belly is big enough these days. We'll get the idea! I'll post some pics of it once it's done!


Blogger michaela said...

love the sling - very cool, and can't wait to see the belly cast. i walk by mine in the garage everyday. i really need to get out there and finish it up...but i'm so glad i did it, it's crazy to look at it now.

9:00 PM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

Cool slings! I wouldn't be able to decide which one to get. ALL of them are awesome:0)

9:27 PM  
Anonymous buhtafly said...

ooh a belly cast! I did that. It was pretty fun! not sure what way you were going to do it, but I would recommend, not doing it with your hands casted in it as well..looks kinda funny :) neat idea..but different :)~bree

11:13 PM  
Blogger Daph said...

Rockin' baby slings are soooo cool! When I finally figure out how to make some ring slings I'm going to use their site for inspiration.

Anyway, I wanted to encourage you to give cloth diapering a try! It's soooper easy, and there are so many choices out there. Check ebay for used dipes, or there are several sites that have "packages" where you can get a good deal on a whole bunch of dipes at once. If you have any questions then send me an e-mail, I can send you links to some great sites w/more info. :)

P.S. I can't wait to see pics of the belly cast, that's going to be rad! LOL

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

I've heard great things about the Rockin' Baby Sling. I use a Hotsling myself and *love* it. I second Christa's notion that you give cloth diapering a try. I don't cloth diaper anymore since I went back to work full-time & the day care won't use them. But I did cloth diaper all 3 of mine & there's nothing quite like a cotton-covered baby butt :)

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh JOY & Rapture! Schrockstars is back!
Thank you thank you thank you!

8:10 AM  

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