Wednesday, June 08, 2005

House Arrest: Day 1

I really need clarification on what I can and can't do. My doctor doesn't want me working and wants me home resting but I'm not on "bed" rest. And she even said I don't need to stay in bed. So what does this mean? Can I do laundry (hope not!)...can I go for a walk around the block even with Bryan? Can I walk to the corner and get a pedicure I so desperately need? Can I sit at the PC all day and blog stalk just like I would at work? This is a very grey area so when they call with my ultrasound results I need to remember to ask. Bryan wants to go to the movies this weekend and I immediately say "Sure!" But oh wait...I don't know can I? If I can go to the movies, couldn't I be working? I was kind of thinking this home rest thing was M-F, aren't I silly? I kind of thought it was just eliminating work but everything else would be normal which is stupid of me to think. So should we skip Baby Care Class #2 tomorrow? I have my breastfeeding class Saturday which I really, really want to go to, am I supposed to skip it? I decided I'm going because it's at the hospital. If something were to happen I couldn't be in a better place right? But should I not drive??? When she told me all this at the appointment yesterday I was still in shock from my 44 week uterus so I couldn't think of all these questions at that moment.

But today wasn't bad but I can tell it's going to be a long 5 weeks if I literally need to be in the house 7 days a week (missing out on my favorite time of year!) Bryan works a few blocks from our house so he came home for lunch and we left shortly after for my ultrasound. And I did my first load of baby wash. I kind of freaked out because I thought he literally can come any day now and so I need to be prepared! I thought the laundry would take me all day but it's funny when clothes are that small you can wash clothes, blankets, bibs, sheets, everything in practically 1 load. Bryan has his office on high alert so they are pretty flexible with him working from home on his trusty laptop (as to not interfere with my blogging) so I'll hopefully have some company. And he's low maintenance so I don't even need to shower for him.

Speaking of which Bryan already reminded me to make sure I brush my teeth daily and bath occasionally. He knows me, if I don't have anywhere to go I will remain in my "just woke up state" all day long....for days....weeks even and months if I can get away with it.

My boss was super cool about me not being able to come to work anymore, I was surprised. I know she's freaking out because they seriously, seriously need me but she didn't let on. She just told me not to worry about that place and just take care of myself. I'll be collecting Short Term Disability which is 66% of my pay until I have the baby then I'll go back up to 100% pay for 9 weeks. Then I have to kick my employer while their down and tell them I'm not coming back FT. Oh looking forward to that.

So the ultrasound appointment was very routine. The tech couldn't tell us in nothing. She couldn't tell us what the baby's heart rate was (even though Bryan saw it on the screen) she couldn't even tell me if he was facing to the right or the left. She was very nice though. Bryan watched the screen even though he didn't want to (he doesn't want to know what he looks like) but everything was very hard to make out. We got a lot of print outs but they really don't show anything. Not worth me posting. The previous ultrasound picture was definitely the best shot. She said it's because he's so big now it's hard to see anything. (Which made us wonder....”so big” as in bigger than he should be for his age or “so big” as in normal 35 week size?) We'll have to wait to find out because she sure wouldn't say! But he was sucking on his hand, drinking the amniotic fluid, yawning, he seemed as comfortable as can be. She said the ultrasound will give an estimate on his current weight, they measured him and they checked the fluid around him as well as my cervix and ovaries. She said they will fax the results to my doctor in 2 business days. So I don't expect to hear anything before Friday.

Our entire family is freaking out because everyone as in everyone is going to Florida the end of this week and through next week. So they are all certain that I'm going to go into labor early. My mom asked me if I want her to stay home but I really don't feel anything will happen in the next 9 days. But the problem is they are driving to Florida...they can't exactly rush back home if they need to. But my mom said she'll fly home and make my dad drive. I'm OK with that since I rather not have my dad there anyway. Even Bryan's mom is going to Florida for other reasons but she should be back early next week. She shouldn't miss anything. But I'll tell you, she needs the vacation because she is a worried mess. She has been since day 1 with this pregnancy when nothing was even wrong and events like this one only add fuel to the fire.

I just hope she doesn't do any of her own "research" online because I briefly looked up what could cause such excess fluid and one to measure so largely. I read measuring 3 centimeters too big is pretty common but not 9 like me! Hey, no need to half ass anything right?! I had to stop reading because I found the reasons can range from absolutely no problem at all to Downs Syndrome to problems with the Central Nervous system, etc. I have now demanded a cease fire for Bryan and I and anyone else who feels compelled to research it and share their findings. So if you happen to know of any reason why I can be measuring so large for 35 weeks...PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ME.

OK Bryan said I'm being too wordy so I should save something to talk about tomorrow. Looking forward to House Arrest: Day 2.


Blogger Anne said...

oh laws, just stay positive. Since nothing is really 'known' for sure, worrying will just stres you and the baby out needlessly. (I know it's easier said than done sometimes). You are strong, this'll work out. And we're all wishing you the best; so bask in the energy!

4:40 PM  
Blogger sweetney said...

i'm sure you're fine, though i'm no doctor. just rest and take it easy and try to focus on something else (though i know that may seem next-to-impossible). whatever you do though, don't watch court TV. i spent the last two months of my pregnancy watching the trial of a child murder, and i gotta tell you, that shit FUCKED ME UP. stick with blog stalking, or, say, some nice TLC "a baby's story", where nothing bad ever happens.

good luck!

5:02 PM  
Blogger moi said...

I was on house arrest for six weeks and boy did it suck. But you can do it;)

10:27 AM  

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