Thursday, June 09, 2005

House Arrest: Day 2

Yup, still sitting at home...alone....bored. No it hasn't been that bad really although it is only day 2. Just 34 more days to go right?

I'm getting my schedule down, I now remember the times all the birth shows are on Discovery Health so I'm watching those which actually forces me to REST. I get a lot of phone calls "How are you doing, are you OK? Are you resting?" It's hard to rest when I have to answer the phone every second! I try to take my mid-morning nap from 11-12 since I hardly sleep at night now between anxiety, peeing and I think I'm getting the whole restless leg syndrome crap. Bryan is then home from 12-1 then more birth shows! It's really not that bad during the day, it's the evenings that seem long once I've done all the resting I could during the day. And the weekends will be tough.

I was hoping to hear about my sonogram by now. I know they said 2 business days but they just say that and usually have it sooner. But I refuse to call for the results before the 2 biz days are up. It would have been nice to know something before my mom left for Florida today but her and the rest of my family all have their cell phones on and battery chargers ready waiting for the news.

So say the sonogram doesn't show anything abnormal other than some extra fluid...then what? Just keep me resting and make sure I don't suddenly shoot to the size of 55 weeks? I assume they just want to make sure I don't keep getting bigger and bigger and if I do then I'm assuming that will mean an induction. I know, I know, I need to ask my doctor this shit and I will! There are just millions of questions that run through your mind AFTER the fact.

I guess I should at least shower incase they call with the sonogram results and say "head to the hospital now, it's time to deliver!" I can't show up there in my 2 day funk. I just may even attempt to do my own pedicure although I'm not quite sure if that's possible at this point.

And incase you were wondering, my perineum "massage" (read slow death by streching) really isn't that bad anymore. After the first day it's tolerable. It must be working! I'll tell you though I'll be PISSED OFF if I go through all this and end up delivering by C-section! Who the hell wants to do the perenium streching for no fucking reason?


Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

Sorry your bored. Despite the fact that I had Hailee to take care of when I was pregnant with Gianna, I did most of my napping during those times too! We would lay on the couch and watch all those shows together. She's always been my little sidekick! She's very interested in births and breastfeeding. Thats how she feeds her baby dolls. Can't wait to hear the sonogram news.:0)

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