Friday, April 08, 2005

Fast? Are you crazy?

I have my glucose test tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to. Not only do I have to wake up early on a Saturday and sit in a lab for over an hour but I have to FAST! Do you realize I may die if I go that long without food??? I've often contemplated adding a refrigerator in our bedroom just so I can eat the second I wake up. How am I going to make the 45 minute drive to the lab let alone sit for another hour without food aside from the crappy sugar drink they will give me? I better pass this shit because I do NOT want to retest.

And I just realized I screwed up my OB appointments. I have my next one Monday which is a week early. How did I manage to do this??? I had the flu last time I went and I remember there being some confusion when I was scheduling it and the lady looking at my kinda funny. But I was not in the mood for any discussion that day so I forced her to put me down for 4/11. I can be such an ass sometimes!

Also, I know many of you were very concerned but my mini-crisis(es?) are getting cleared up. I got my windshield fixed yesterday. It was only $60 isn't that great? I didn't even know you could repair glass. ANNNND, we got our roof fixed. When I spoke with the guy he said he couldn't come out for another 2 weeks which was way too long for me but his schedule opened up and he came out today. And it was only $200! While I sure can think of many other things we could have used that $200 for, when I see a leaking roof I immediately think the worst and that we'll have to replace the entire thing for thousands of dollars. It was a pleasant surprise. Wooohooo, now work can resume on the nursery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they say you can eat a light breakfast. don't.
take it from a 2 time loser;)

6:22 PM  

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