Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I can't take one more thing going wrong! I am way more emotional lately than my normal crazy self but I swear it's been one thing after another...my windsheild, the life insurance, my shitty job, leaking roof and NOW, can you believe this, they are OUT OF THE ROBOT FABRIC WE PICKED OUT FOR THE CRIB. I am in some serious bad karma debt because I am getting paid back for something (which I can really think of a million things that would give me bad karma). I emailed the company to see if they are temporarily out or no longer carry it because I don't see it on there anymore in the blue, only the red. We can probably find it somewhere, I just hope they don't have it on their site anymore because it was discontinued. That would be a bitch. So we might be back to the drawing board and since we already bought our paints and on the robot kick, it might be a little tougher this time around.

I have been making things sound worse than they are, Bryan seems to be dealing with everything way better than me, as usual. So I know my pregnancy hormones are the real reason I AM FREAKING OUT!


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