Monday, April 04, 2005

Well ain't that just a kick in the...

We were all set to do some major work in the nursery this weekend. This is our only other room aside from our bedroom and our former office. It took weeks for us to even empty this room because in our small city home, that office was packed! Somehow we managed to downgrade from an entire office filled with multiple PC’s, guitars, amps and countless other things without a home to a small computer armoire….oh yea and an 8x10 storage unit that couldn’t be any more full.

We were finally ready to get to the fun part, the decorating! Bryan recruits the help of his generous parents for the weekend and I gracefully exit the house to avoid any “toxic fumes” from harming baby in utero. In reality the paints would be fine, you know how many pregnant women paint their own nurseries! But if there is an excuse, no matter how pitiful to get me out of painting, I’ll use it. So their first objective is to do some patching from where all the guitars were hanging up and to fix a water stain we had from our roof leaking over a year ago. They patch and they primed the entire room and GUESS WHAT?! That fucking roof starts leaking just as they are finishing up. Is that a kick in the dick or what! Damn city house with the flat roof! Guess the crib won’t be going there. So before any color can be added into the room we need to wait for the roofer to come out which hopefully he will do before it rains again this week, patch the ceiling again, prime the ceiling again and then get on with the show. Needless to say we will be going with the more permanent repair this time. I was so looking forward to being able to assemble the silver iron crib crib we bought when I was just 6 weeks pregnant (couldn’t pass up such a fab deal!).

At least we finalized our color scheme. It won’t be anything too complex since Bryan will be doing it solo or with the help of his folks that are only familiar with painting entire homes white (or off white, or antique white, etc..) We’ll be adding a chair rail which we will paint black and antique it to match the antiqued black changer and dresser. Then above the rail will be
“Mayflower Blue” and below will be “Feldspar.” It doesn’t really match the Robot fabric we picked out that Bryan’s mom will use to make our crib set but we decided we didn’t want to be restricted to the fabric colors. Normally we just do what we want anyway whether it “matches” or not and it all ends up looking pretty good. We’re going to add these little robot decals
and buy a bunch of vintage style tin robots for display as well as some Vintage Robot prints. We’re just going to wing it, we don’t want theme overkill so we’ll add a little at a time and probably change our minds a million times along the way.

And all this of course, is if we can ever get our roof to stop leaking!


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