Monday, April 04, 2005

My aching bones!

Lately I physically feel pretty crappy. Worst of all are my ribs which feel like either the baby is gnawing on them (he must love ribs as much as I do!) or that they are slowly breaking into millions of shards. They just huuuuuuuuuurt, all day long. And sleeping, which used to be my favorite pastime has now become a source of much pain. I start off with the best intentions on sleeping on my left side as you are “supposed to” but that doesn’t last very long regardless of the barricades I set up around me to keep me in that position. I do much better on my right side but I usually end up on my back or stomach (in that partially side, partially stomach position) And that isn’t counting the time I actually sit up to sleep causing a rather painful neck. Maybe that’s why I have this killer migraine right now. So I don’t even worry about what position I sleep in anymore, I just want to SLEEP in the least amount of pain.

I’ve always appreciated my narrow upper body (too bad my hips never caught on to the “narrow” idea) but what I wouldn’t give to be 8 feet wide right now just so my ribs wouldn’t have to expand another centimeter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gianna was constantly up in my ribage! I remember wanting to push her down out of there. Hang in there though. I always ended up in the partial stomach / side position too. KELLI

9:31 PM  

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