Thursday, March 31, 2005

F#@!K the World!

Man I know that is harsh but that is how I feel today! I’m driving to work and get hit by a big rock and will now have to replace my windshield. I know it happens to people every day but it’s one of those things that is a big inconvenience to deal with not to mention money you never really anticipate having to spend. I won’t even get into the absurdities at my job but believe me, there are tons.

What really put me over the edge today is this bull-shit life insurance we’ve been trying to get. We filled out the applications and dealt with the pointless “exam”. Then we endured all these additional random phone calls asking for stupid explanations.

To Bryan: “Why did you gain wieght?”
“Because I stopped exercising and gained weight like millions of people” (which technically wasn’t even gaining weight, it was just returning to his regular weight)

To Me: “Why did you gain weight?”
“Because I’m fucking pregnant dumbass”

It was just stupid question after another. I was even asked to fill out a supplemental Alcohol and Drug use form. ME! You all know how much of a lush I am. Oooh, my 1 Smirnoff Ice a year will really screw me. It was absurd. I just went down the list “never, never, never” (Heaven forbid they ever found out I smoked pot occasionally in high school…and fine some years after). Finally the underwriting for me is finished. I GOT A BIG FUCKING DECLINED. I KNEW I would be declined because I know how these assholes think. They see I take anti-depressants and see I’ve been to therapy years ago and red flags go up all over the place (which I’m sure is what prompted the drug and alcohol thing because if a person needs to talk to someone about their annoying family, it must mean they have to be drunk and coked up just to deal with life). That’s what the suicide clauses are for anyway!

It just really showed the ignorance of the health/life and insurance world in general. Man it pisses me off! While I’m thankful it’s finally over, I’m kind of upset over the fact that if something were to happen to me, Bryan and baby will be on their own without all of the financial support I currently provide (ha!). Bryan will most likely be approved so if something were to happen to the both of us, fortunately baby will have some coverage. Normally I wouldn’t worry too much about it because generally most jobs we get provide some free coverage but the point is that when I go PT I’ll most likely loose any benefits I have. And I remember a question on the form “Have you ever been turned down for life insurance before?” So if in the future I should ever want to try this again, I’m sure that answer right there would be enough to make them stamp “Reject” on my forehead and make me leave.

I am so mad. It makes me feel as if I’m the raging, mad, lunatic I am (but who are they to judge!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess everyone is scared to leave a comment they probably don't want to make you any angrier. But I know you so I'll be brave. Everything will work out . Someone will accept you. The system is so screwed up!! They make it so people that really need it can't get it! I guess they'd rather people make up fake identities. Well LOVE U GUYS!!! KELLI

10:49 AM  

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