Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Be careful of what you wish for

I got my awesome weather today and even managed to go for a walk during working hours. One thing I didn't really think through was the fact that I have 3 short sleeved maternity tops to wear. That sure won't even get me through a work week. I have a few sleeveless but they aren’t the most appropriate for work without some kind of sweater over them. I've really needed new maternity clothes for a while now but never actually purchased anything during my many attempts. It would just bum me out because it was still very cold and I kept seeing all the cute spring/summer clothes. I just wanted to hold out on buying anything until it was actually warm enough to wear it. Any intelligent person would have planned ahead, unlike me. Now it's warm and I'm stuck with a 3 day rotation until I can hit the mall. And I must admit, I don't enjoy shopping for myself nearly as much pre-pregnancy. I tried to put together some make shift maternity top today by wearing a maternity wife-beater and a non-maternity tight little t-shirt over top. It wasn't pretty and none of it covered my bulbous belly. I started off at this job wearing strictly long-sleeved shirts to cover my tattoos. They didn't have a rule that I had to; sometimes it's just easier that way. And I started last July so it got pretty damn warm. Now I am too fat and too hot to even care about that so I seriously need to stock up on some short-sleeved shirts or it'll be a long summer.

But it makes me wonder how can your former best body part look so foreign in such a short period? While I was walking with 2 co-workers today, I moved my arm in a way that caused it to shake vigorously long after I stopped moving it. I made a comment about how my arms used to be pretty cut from Kung Fu and now it's like somebody else's arm with how blubbery it is now. And the male co-worker said (and this is VERBATIM!!!) "I almost said that to you yesterday. I know I could tell you that.” (then noticing the sad look coming over my face he tried to fix it with…) “Your pregnant, you're allowed to get fat." Yes guys don't always say the right things to girls since we can be a tad sensitive but you have to be a mother fucking dumbass lunatic moron to ever think it's OK to tell a pregnant girl she's fat. But he and I are “cool” so he thought I could handle it. Maybe 7 months ago I could but now I don’t know which personality will come out and when. He calls me a bitch all the time and I call him a stupid dick and it’s all in good fun but damn it, he crossed the line! I was speechless and if I was in any kind of physical shape (and not about to cry) I would have done some Kung Fu move that I used to know and knock his ass out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know how it feels! Aarons friend said to me once" Dude! did you just see your face? (NO DUMB ASS!) You had like 3 chins" This too was when I was expecting, I still won't let him live it down. Or when people proceed to tell you that your face looks fuller or chubby! Guys just never know the right thing to say.Except Aaron always told me I was beautiful and looked great even when i gained 60lbs.

8:38 PM  
Blogger V said...

Sometimes people surprize you in their insensitivity. Pregnancy has changed your body dramatically, so the effect of getting flubby in another location is drastically amplified. You had reason to be unhappy about what he said!

9:38 AM  
Blogger V said...

I meant surprise. I have lost so much spelling ability since I got to college.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Haha, it's OK I knew what you meant...have you seen my spelling?? And that's with spell check. By the way, V, I finally figured out your a fellow Glitterati...what's your Glitter name??

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is never ok. let it be a lesson to him!!!
I have a bunch of maternity tops running from med-xl you are welcome to raid my stash as I have been preg every month of the year altogether...(mostly gap/old navy and target,not too bad)
And since for all intent and purpose, I am "fixed"(read a 10 year iud;),call me and I'll bring them over:)

6:39 PM  

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