Tuesday, June 21, 2005

OB appointment at 36 weeks and 6 days

Blood pressure - OK
Urine - OK
Weight - 2 pounds (boooooh!)
Baby's Heart Rate - OK
Measurement - 40 1/2 weeks
Effacement - 50% (and he said this was being generous)
Dilated - 0 cm

Everything is A-O-K but it sure looks like this baby isn't coming any time soon. NO dilation, barely effaced and he said "the baby is still way the hell up there." Dr's words exactly. Not really what I wanted to hear. I asked if I would definitely know when he dropped and he said possibly, I'd be peeing more and will be able to eat more too. Ummmm, eat more?? You know that really isn't a problem for me right now. I heard of many pregnant women getting full very quickly and then hungry shortly after but you know, me not so much. I don't get full AND I'm hungry starving every hour already. And pullleeeze don't make me pee any more!

He said he'll definitely be in the 8 lb range and if it goes beyond my due date, I'm sure we'll be in the 9's by then. And if it get's closer and he hasn't dropped then he'll have to find out why, meaning maybe he won't fit, maybe I don't have an 8 lb pelvis (although he's mentioned in the past that I could easily handle it). But as of right now, no concerns. My joints have really begun hurting, mainly my wrists and fingers from all the extra fluid now. My ankels hurt but thankfully they don't LOOK swollen. My fingers now have fat rolls.

We're officially full-term tomorrow. So I just wanted to say one thing to my son...feel free to come out WHENEVER you want. TOMORROW would be fine and actually there is still time left TODAY. Today is looking better for me but no PRESSURE OR ANYTHING!

Oh we had a nice surprise today. Bryan's office threw him a little baby shower and they gave us the high chair we had registered for. It's really nice too. We had decided against it at this point since it was, to us, too expensive for a high chair but shit, if someone else is gonna buy it then hell yeah!

Well everyone keep your blogs updated daily, looks like I'll be needing something to do for the next few weeks!


Blogger Anne said...

all right; nice highchair! Just remember, the ball could drop anytime now. ANY TIME! I'll be thinking of you. And at least your feet aren't swollen....that's pain and serious ugliness.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

Oh, those last few weeks! Bugger!

Glad that everything with the babe is looking good. Sorry about those finger fat rolls.

They say that a good romp in bed can help bring on labor. You know, just FYI. In case you think it would help ;)

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Try not to get discouraged! I know you are uncomfortable and want that baby out (I was ready to be done w/ my pregnancies around oh, the 20 week mark, lol). For what it's worth, my last baby never dropped. I was like, 1 cm dialated and 50% effaced about 9 hours before I had her. So you just never know. :)

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Darlene said...

Yeah, the sex thing does work-it worked for me--as uncomfortable as it was, it made me dialate more. Sorry about your fingers! I, too, was very swollen-of course most of it was probably my fault--I didnt drink a lot of water and I ate salt all the time! I was bad! LOL

He could turn at any time, so be ready...

5:02 PM  
Blogger Lucy's Capers said...

I just found your website...for somje reason every other time I try to read your blog it wouldn't let me! Anyway, do you have other babies too? How exciting! You are SO close! Lucy came at 37 weeks...
although that was because the docs decided to take her out...things were getting dangerous in there! off to read more...


5:45 PM  
Blogger Candice said...

Want to hear something discouraging? Probably not, but I'm going to tell you anyway. HAH! Both my kids were late. As in WEEKS late. I walked around with each at like 4 centimeters dilated and contracting every 15 minutes for like a week before the doctors finally decided to induce. I wish I had never induced!!! Stay away from it unless absolutely necessary. You're right to just wait it out, as uncomfortable and hard as it is. Be strong!

7:21 PM  
Blogger Candice said...

Oh and the sex thing. Didn't really work for me. I was like, OK BABE JUST GET IT OVER WITH! We must have had more sex in those last weeks than we did the entire pregnancy. The contractions would start, and then stop again. I think they're just ready when they're ready.

7:22 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the stubborn little guy decides to come out and face the world soon. He's just having too much fun in there! :) Perhaps you can use all the pain and swelling to get you some extra special treatment from the hubby!

8:24 PM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

Glad everythings looking good. Come on little "what's your name?"we're ready for you! My fingers hurt to bend them too, because of fluid retention. But all the aches and pains will go away:0) and you'll have a beautiful baby boy to hold! I'm getting pumped up! I'm sure not half as pumped as you though! Cool high chair. I knew that was the one before I clicked on it. You seem like the Prima Poppa type. JK. I don't even know what that means. I just knew that was the one.XOXOXO

9:05 PM  
Blogger pretendingsanity said...

Squee!!! I'm getting so excited!!! Just so you know, I tried EVERYTHING to get Honor out. My poor husband, I wore him out and still no baby. I drank castor oil. I did jumping jacks. I walked and walked and walked. the baby just comes when he wants.

I can't wait!!!!!!!!

10:11 PM  
Blogger k8 said...

wow hi a baby/! i love preggo blogs.

10:41 AM  

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