Wednesday, June 15, 2005

100 things you never wanted to know about me

I keep seeing this around and as I have nothing else to talk about these days, here goes:

1. I was born on tax day and every year people like to point this out to me
2. My husband's birthday is the day after mine
3. Our wedding anniversary is the day after his
4. Weight Watchers is my diet of choice
5. I feel it's one of the only really well-balanced diets and overall good lifestyle
6. I hate diets
7. I am cheap
8. I never buy clothes that aren't on sale
9. The mall is too expensive for me
10. I feel the clothes at the mall are the same shitty quality as my cheap clothes
11. Most of my shoe wardrobe is from Payless
12. I get compliments all the time on my sense of style
13. Most people don't realize how cheap my style is
14. I used to take Kung Fu
15. I had to give it up because I started having panic attacks if I had to do something in front of the class
16. I still have very strong desires to become a black belt in Kung Fu
17. I get sad when I see Kung Fu on TV or anywhere
18. I have been diagnosed as mentally ill
19. I will be on some sort of anti-depressant or mood-stabilizer for the rest of my life
20. I'm OK with that except I hate paying for Rx
21. I went to the emergency room quite a few times for attempting suicide
22. Guess I wasn't that serious about it since it never worked
23. I am a "cutter" but haven't done it in 5+ years
24. I was talked into going to an inpatient hospital by my mother and therapist
25. I have blamed my father for most of this
26. I will always blame my father
27. I have way to much anger and resentment toward my father
28. I wish I had a good relationship with my father
29. I moved out of my parent’s house 1 week after my 18th birthday while I was still in high school
30. I moved in with a tattoo-artist boyfriend who was 8 years older than me
31. He was/is a drunk
32. I didn't realize how bad until I lived with him
33. He became abusive
34. I moved to Atlanta with him
35. We were dirt poor in Atlanta
36. I had no friends in Atlanta and my boyfriend would never be around
37. I would smoke pot by myself that my boyfriend was given in trade of a tattoo
38. I finally got the balls to break up with him but had to move back in with my parents
39. I moved to Orlando with another tattoo-artist boyfriend years later
40. He broke up with me 2 days after we moved to Orlando
41. I had to move back in with my parents AGAIN
42. I have since sworn off dating tattooed guys
43. My husband has no tattoos and I like that
44. I have stolen many things in my life from candy to expensive cameras
45. I was caught once when I was 16 and my parents had to come get me
46. I often feel I am a terrible person
47. I carry way too much guilt and anger
48. I have many hang ups with religion and often get very angry about it
49. I do believe in God though, just not sure what kind of God it is
50. I always wanted to become Buddhist, I never could become nice enough
51. I have been told I have big feet, big teeth and a big chin, not all at once. I don't know if they are right.

52. I always dreamed of becoming a famous interior designer
53. I realized I despise school and would never get a degree
54. I would probably still be working in retail if I didn't meet my husband 55. He taught me how to use a computer
56. I now work in IT, how ironic
57. I owe a lot to my husband
58. I often feel too mean and negative and that I will only bring him down
59. I admire the closeness he has with his parents
60. I am secretly jealous of it
61. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago
62. I moved to Maryland right before my freshman year of high school
63. I never felt so alone before after we moved
64. I threatened to kill myself daily if they didn't move me back
65. I never got to move back yet I'm still alive
66. I really like Baltimore these days
67. I feel my husband and I have a very good life together
68. I would love to live in Europe
69. My husband doesn't want to so I don't think we ever will
70. I really feel I am meant to be famous for something but not sure what, apparently nobody else feels this way
71. I have been told I look like Julia Roberts more times than I can count

72. I really wanted to be a Fly Girl
73. I am very shy and uncomfortable around people
74. I could never talk as much in person as I can on the Internet
75. Most people mistake this as bitchiness
76. I am bitchy but that comes later, it's just shyness at first
77. I was born in 1977
78. I am the youngest of 4 girls
79. I have been labeled a "spoiled brat" my entire life by my family. If I am I blame it on them, they would be the ones who spoiled me
80. I promise to never call my child a spoiled brat
81. Overall I feel I am pretty although some days I feel hideous.

82. I am a former smoker
83. I quit on April 13, 2000
84. I hate to admit I favor one of my dogs over the other
85. This makes me wonder if I should have more than 1 child
86. It's almost impossible for me to finish a book
87. Summer is my favorite season
88. I wish I was better at photography
89. I feel this list sounds too depressing but I don't feel I am THAT depressed
90. I love living in the city, I would prefer any city over a suburb
91. I love my house although it's too small
92. My husband is truly my best friend
93. He inspires me and treats me better than he should
94. I would be lost without him
95. I have sensitive taste buds, food often has too much flavor for me
96. I don't like salt and rarely use it
97. I don't like chicken unless it's fried or covered in some kind of unhealthy sauce
98. Hot Tamales are my favorite candy
99. I have a major sweet tooth
100. I am surprised I finished this list, I rarely finish anything.


Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

I guess there were a few things I didn't know about you! But I pride myself in saying I did know a lot of them. I might steal the 100 things for my blog soon. :0)

10:16 PM  
Blogger michaela said...

nice to meet you...we have so much in common. and though this post has nothing to do with the're going to be a most amazing mom. most people don't know a hundred things about themsleves. see, forced rest is good for you :)

12:10 AM  
Blogger reet said...

i knew there were a hundred reasons why i love you:P reet

8:55 AM  
Blogger Candice said...

I do have to say that hard times make you stronger. I too have had one interesting and difficult life. It will make you a great mom and a great friend.
I have to laugh at your cheapy ways. I am the same!! I think everything I own came from Target. Sometimes I walk in there and realize that everything I am wearing is from Target, and then I am embarrassed and hurry to leave! You know, one thing though, I have a great sense of style, I think, but sometimes lack the balls to wear something really daring but great. I think I need to remember I am only 24 and not 40. REMEMBER THIS when you are a mommy and all you wear is Tshirts and jeans!! Just say no to hum-drumminess

11:04 AM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, make me feel so loved :)

And cgarrett - I meant to comment on your site b/c I loved your $4 Target dress!

Kelli - you should totally do it, it was like therapy!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

holy shit!! That is one hell of a list. p.s.(I have a big sweet tooth myself.)

9:19 PM  
Blogger Kira said...

we have a number of things in common, including atlanta and b-more, if you read my 100 things ;)

7:24 AM  

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