Wednesday, March 23, 2005

24 weeks and counting

I had my 24 week OB appointment today after canceling my Monday appointment thanks to the flu. I should really be home in bed but I wanted to get this appointment in to not throw off my whole 4 week cycles.

These appointments are so uneventful. I gained 6 lbs as opposed to my typical 8 or 9. It helps that I haven’t really eaten much in the last 3 days though so I probably would have gained my normal anyway. My Vans weigh a lot and I almost thought twice about wearing them but said fuck it. If I’m fat, I’m fat. My doctor said my weight was good so that’s all I can ask for. I did get some reassurance when I saw my sister who looks like she weighs negative 20 lbs. She has always been skinny and she put on 60 pounds during her pregnancy and is now even skinnier than she was before she had her baby. And she doesn’t diet nor exercise other than the typical workouts moms get from lugging around all the baby gear. But she’s pretty unique in my family, her metabolism has always been extra kind to her with the way she eats. Still gives me some hope. So at 24 weeks I’ve gained a total of 28 pounds. A girl who’s 3 months ahead of me says she only gained 25 which I want to know how that is possible when she is now the size of a house and it’s NOT all baby. Call me bitter. Other than that the appointment was your everyday prenatal checkup. In and out. I have to get my sugar test next in about a month. Not looking forward to sitting in the lab for an hour since my OB doesn’t do any testing at their office. The baby has been kicking a ton now and I love it. It’s such an awesome feeling. I hope he’s doing OK with this flu.

Man the flu is a BITCH when you are pregnant. As you know Bryan started off sick but it was just with achiness, fever, sore throat, coughing and congestion. And my niece and nephew passed on their flu to my mom and sister which their symptoms were only vomiting and some achiness. Well I think I had a hybrid of the 2. My throat started hurting late Sunday and continually got worse and then I felt like I had a fever with congestion and achiness. Then I started vomiting Monday and the achiness was unbearable. Everything hurt, I wanted to brush my teeth with razor blades because I thought my gums would actually feel better if I did that. I don’t know if vomiting is much more difficult to do with a bigger baby in your stomach or what but I’ve never had such a painful vomiting experience as I had. With every heave I’d choke on it for like 10 minutes, my eyes would be bulging out of my head and I’d be gasping for air. It just felt like my stomach was in the way, it was horrible and now I probably have a million broken capillaries in my face (maybe that is what looks like a rash?? Ugh). I made Bryan come home from work early to take care of me, I felt so bad. And what’s worse is he then woke up Tuesday vomiting. So we had a nice cycle of 2 viruses going around. Fortunately the vomiting only lasted 1 day as it did with the rest of my family. Then the sore throat and other symptoms came back which is where I still am today suffering through at work. Which I can’t say I’m actually working, I’m just here physically in my zombie-like state.

I have tons o’stories floating around in my head I’m looking forward to posting about but it might have to wait for a healthier day. Because right now I don’t even know what I just wrote, I just felt I owed “my people” an update (haha, kidding).


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