Friday, March 18, 2005

Just Wait...

Man if there is one thing I can't stand it's the "Just wait" knew who I mean. I'm thinking of one person in particular at the moment that also happens to be pregnant and is about 3 months ahead of me. "Just wait until you get to your 3rd trimester if you think it was bad before." LET ME TELL YOU, there are very few people who understand just how sick I was 24/7 my first trimester and a half. So this coming from her who experienced the "occasional nausea" means shit to me. I threw up constantly, and when I wasn't throwing up I was wishing someone would kill me. I was in the hospital from being sick so much, I had to be put on VERY expensive medication just to make life tolerable. Sometimes I could make it to the toilet at work, and sometimes I had to spend 30 minutes cleaning up the bathroom afterwards in tears. So I think if I could make it through that, I'll be OK, no need to warn me.

And one day we were ordering Chinese for lunch and I happened to pick a spicy dish..."Just wait until you get heartburn from drinking water." How about you "just wait until I knock your teeth out." I'm not a moron, I am aware of what could possibly be in store for me and your unsolicited warnings help me in no way. Their sole purpose is to bring me down to your miserable level.

Now if you want to say "Just wait until your son says 'I love you mommy' for the first time" then you can say that to me, but keep your negative epiphanies to yourself. Please, go point out the obvious somewhere else.


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