Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thanks Maria Montessori!

As parents I think we, or at least I, will second guess almost every decision I make. I can’t go into a Babies R Us store without getting dizzy, trying to make sure I pick the best of everything when there are so many options to choose from (not even taking style into consideration because style and baby shit does not go hand in hand). And right now we’re already struggling over what to do for day care a couple of days a week and I’m sure I’ll never fully feel comfortable with whatever we decide. But one thing I feel confident in already is our decision to enroll our child in Montessori School, when it’s time.

Schooling is so important and already I began stressing because we currently live in Baltimore City and I KNEW I did not want to send my child to these particular city public schools. Catholic schools were an option but ask me about my many hang ups with religion. Other private schools are available and I even threw around the idea of home schooling. Considering I’d actually be the teacher in that scenario, it was enough to scare me away from that. And then I remembered a good friend had gone to Montessori school and we looked into their teaching philosophy and it was made for us. Well me… and I thought it would take some time for me to convince Bryan that it was the best option but after he read this FAQ page he was hooked as well. Then we did our own additional research and it just keeps sounding better and better. Even their focus on proper nutrition in school is exactly what I’m looking for. I asked my former Montessori student friend what she thinks of it now as an adult and she has nothing but loving praises to say about it. Ask most people what they thought of school when they were younger and it’s rare people would talk so highly of their experience and what they gained from it (college aside). Bryan and I both feel we would have thrived so much more in that environment. I hate many of the rules put in place solely for teachers benefits, if my child has to go to the bathroom more than twice a day, I want them to feel they can just go and not be forced to wait for no real good reason. Many schools are limiting or even eliminating recess and/or PE and that is such a huge mistake. I want my child to be encouraged to be free, independent, creative and most importantly, confident. I want my child to go to Montessori school….now if all the other decisions would come that easily!


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