Sunday, March 20, 2005

We're back now give me the antibiotics and lysol!

CT went pretty well considering. My sister didn’t recognize me because my “face is fuller.” She might as well of called me Fat Head. My poor husband’s health continued to deteriorate. He suffered through a 4.5 hour car ride there, was unloaded into the hotel room and left to fend for himself the rest of the day as I visited with my family. He even suffered through the baptism, following brunch and another 4.5 hour car ride. We kept him as isolated as possible as to not infect everyone he encountered. Despite our efforts, my sister from Chicago AND my mom woke up today with the flu. Maybe I was the virus carrier or maybe it’s because my niece and nephew just got over the flu and their house has yet to be rid of the lingering germs. Either way, we were a sad group. I’m amazed that I have yet to catch anything after being in a locked car with a sick guy for 9 hours. I always catch anything that’s going around, I’m extra susceptible to illness of any kind, physical or mental, yet during this pregnancy I’ve had the immune system of steal.

We did a little shopping in down town New Haven and ran into a very cute baby store. I was very excited because I finally got to see the Fluerville diaper bag I was planning on getting (in red!) in person. It’s even better in real life opposed to some images on the PC, but much bigger than expected. Sadly I decided it’s too much money to spend on a diaper bag, even I can’t rationalize it. I’m hoping to find a good deal and/or used on Ebay since the quality seems superb but even on Ebay they go for $100+. Maybe I’ll get lucky one day.

I’m always excited to spend time w/my nephew because I feel it will give me some much needed baby practice. I’ve never even really been one of those people that babysat or anything so I’m as green as they come. It was diaper changing time and I was so happy I volunteered to change it until I saw what was in it. I then passed and said that maybe my first diaper change should be pee one only. Don’t want to rush into anything right??


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