Friday, March 18, 2005

Mothering skills put to the test

And I'm hoping I passed! Last night my husband was sick and I mean this is the sickest I've seen him out of the 5 1/2 years we've been together. It wasn't too bad before we went to bed but it drastically changed sometime during the night. Pre-pregnant me would have kicked him out of bed or pretended to be sleeping through the bed trembling from his shivering and him saying "I'm sooooo cold, I'm sooooo cold." But not the new mama me. I was dreadfully tired but I hopped up, got him another blanket and went and looked for some medicine expecting not to find any. I was surprised right in our normal medicine place was something for nighttime flu! Non-pregnant me would have bitched at him for not taking the medicine before bed like I suggested when he insisted we didn't have any. Thinking my job was done he demanded I take his temperature. I used the old hand on the forehead standby but that wasn't good enough. He wanted me to get the thermometer which the only thermometer we have is my Basil Body digital one I used to track my ovulation. So I'm frantically looking for my big purple thermometer, trying to remember where I had it last about 6 months ago. I had to break the news that I couldn't find it. He then tricked me into going all the way downstairs to the kitchen to look and I happily obliged. Still no thermometer. But I used that time in the kitchen to my advantage, I stalled for a while hoping the medicine would instantly kick in and knock him out (plus the chocolate pudding was calling my name).

After I returned he's still lying there shivering, eyes wide open. I climb back into bed with no other options until the dry heaving begins and I have to get up and grab a trash can. At this point the baby is kicking like crazy, probably feeing betrayed and wondering who this other baby is his mother is taking care of. I also get the 3rd degree about why I put the extra blanket on him still folded in half (I thought it would be twice as warm!) He finally drifts off yet I'm now completely wide awake staring at the clock...3:30, 4:15, 5:00. I'm about to cry at this point because I know how impossible it will be to wake up when my alarm goes off in an hour. Then I remember, this is only preparing me for the real motherhood.


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