Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I really didn't want to admit this

But what the hell, I have already subjected myself to much embarrassment, what is a little more.

We went to the hospital last night. There I said it. NO I did not think I was in labor, I very well knew I wasn't. The problem is because my blood pressure was high, or so I thought. Sometimes too much information is not good. My last appointment showed my blood pressure was high, but they got it back down after laying on my left. So because of that I wanted to borrow my parents monitor to just keep an eye on it. Well I took it on Sunday and it was a little elevated for me but still normal and all was well. Then yesterday I took it and it was right under the "That's too high!" mark so I decided to lay down on my left for 15 minutes. Retook it, even higher! What the hell, so I laid down on my left in complete isolation, did some relaxing breathing, stayed even longer than 15 minutes and retook it. EVEN HIGHER! It was pretty darn high. I must have took it like 5 times, trying to get it down. So all I wanted to do was to call the Dr. (who was the on-call Dr. since mine was still on vacation) and ask her if there was anything I could do to lower it or just to find out at what point does it become a concern. I really wasn't that concerned!

I told her I had an appointment with my Dr. today so I didn't think it was a big deal. I talked to her, told her I had no other symptoms of Preeclempsia or toxemia so I thought she would just tell me to take it easy and wait till my appointment today. No, couldn't be that easy. Instead I'm told to go to the ER so they can check me out in Labor and Delivery. If all is well, then they will send me home, if not, I'll be having my baby. What?! I kept trying to get out of going to the hospital because I KNEW that they would end up sending me right back home. But then knowing if I went against her advice and something were wrong then well you know the kind of guilt I'd carry with me for the rest of my life. So we reluctantly went. We brought all the shit and the whole time I felt silly because I knew nothing would come of this. I mean really that would be way too ironic: I'd have a 4th of July baby, the on-call Dr. whom I never met, I'd be induced, it would be everything that I said I didn't want. Way too ironic for that to actually happen.

We get there, check in at the ER and you know everyone is ohhhing and ahhhing because I'm obviously there to have my baby right? Don't hold your breath! I felt like such a scam with all the congratulations and crap. And is it me, or doesn't anyone else feel like the biggest ass riding in a wheel chair when you DON'T NEED ONE? So I go to triage they check some stuff, monitor the baby who was doing just fine and take my blood pressure. GUESS WHAT? It was the most ideal blood pressure one could ask for. Now don't I look like an ass! I knew that would happen, I KNEW IT! So they waited and had me sit up and retook it and it was higher but still OK. I'm so embarrassed and swore to never use that home monitor again. They saw some contractions on the monitor thing and said they were mild and irregular and about 9 minutes apart. They were the painless ones so I knew they weren't anything. But she checked my cervix anyway and she said the words I love to hear so much "you are still tightly closed." You know, an impatient pregnant woman never gets tired of hearing how her body is not making any progress. And then I got the "first babies are notoriously late" talk that I never get sick of hearing either. GOOD FUCKING TIMES.

Anyway, we drove home, me a little pouty and Bryan a little relieved. I decided to take my BP again with my monitor to see how off it was and it was almost exactly what it was at the hospital. So I kind of think that maybe it isn't that off and probably at that point my blood pressure was actually really high for no known reason. But I'm still not using the fucking thing again.

I have an appointment today with my doctor who is back from vacation and since I practically had one last night I'm not looking forward to it. Especially since I know there is no change from the previous week despite my ONE day of possible real contractions.

Oh well, like I've been told, it's scientifically impossible to be pregnant forever. He's coming out this month whether he wants to or not!


Blogger Heaven Sent said...

Well, first of all, I'm happy everything is okay (of course!), but I'm sorry you didn't at least walk away with a little nugget of good news to make you feel better. I'm sure at this point you just want this all to be done, especially being so close and being told how big this baby is! And you're right -- ignorance is bliss... when will we learn??? :o) By the way, my sis-in-law swears by cod liver oil... worked for both babies!!! Luv you guys!

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. I went to the hospital 3 times before I delivered.

12:20 PM  
Blogger moi said...

I went to l&d thrice before the big day - but two times were for threatened labor, preterm contractions, somesuch. led to bedrest. fun.

the third time I was 37 weeks or so and woke up all wet, thot my water had broke. so I went to the hospital after a few hours to have them test and make sure it hadn't broken, and it was not waters - they said it was probably just normal discharge. I say ha! But I got the whole 'the baby will be here soon' talk from the nurse... ugh. I knew I wasn't in labor, just wanted to make sure my water hadn't broken... i am (or was anyhoo) terrified of a prolapsed cord.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Darlene said...

I hear ya...I had the same thing happen and I had to go to the hospital for the non-stress test. My doctor came by the hospital and says, "If you wanted to see me, you could have just came to my office..." He was the one who sent me to the hospital! lol But like you, I felt so stupid and never checked my pressure again!

Hope your appt today shows progress!

12:24 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Angela I am glad you mentioned that because I forgot to ask everyone out there b/c I've been waking up rather "wet" too. It's been a couple days now in a row and I started thinking I may have a slow water leak. At first I thought sweat (ewww) then just normal, but increased discharge but it seems rather damp for that! I hate to mention it to my doc b/c I don't want to be sent on another pointless hospital trip! I wasn't sure exactly how they confirm that either.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an easy test that can be performed to determine if it is a slow leak. I went from nothing to gushing fluid all over the hospital bed and my husbands new shoes! This happened during one of my "BP checks" in l&d triage.

12:45 PM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

Don't feel like an ass. I went to the hospital a few times for various reasons. At least you know nothings wrong. Everyone does. He'll be here soon. I know your anxious, hang in there! XOXO

12:49 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

argh! You poor thing, that was a real bitch. You did the right thing tho...not going and then having something terrible result would have been a lot worse than a little embarrassment. So fuckit. You were being responsible therefore, you kick ass.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Melinda said...

don't worry about dialating or even being efaced. With both my kids i was maybe 1Cm dialeted when i got to the hospital. Some people dilate slow as shit other people i know were like 3 centimeters for like a month or more until they have the baby. And shit don't feel dumb about going to the hospital, i always say better to go than not go. Same with when you have the baby if you think something may be wrong its worth the copay and peace of mind to hear the Dr say "EVERYTHING IS FINE" Then be worring yourself about "what if something is wrong"

1:47 PM  
Blogger RysMomma said...

Don't worry about this! A girl can dream right? You should read some of Mrs. Flingers accounts of when she went to the hospital for. Like when she sat in water and wasn't sure if it was her actual water that broke. She is one funny gal!

10:25 AM  
Blogger Rachael said...

I am so glad everything is okay! Wooo what a relief. I went into L&D twice before the real thing. So don't feel like too much of an ass.

3:47 PM  

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