Friday, July 01, 2005

You notice, you really do!

Sorry to cause any alarm or actual excitement but unfortunately I'm home...with fetus...still. Sad to say I really had nothing of interest to say today, which is pretty bad considering of some of the lame ass shit I talk about for the sake of talking!

This is how dull(er) I've become since being home, I LOOK FORWARD TO WATCHING PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL GAMES ON TV. Me! "Yeah the Orioles play the Braves tonight!" are words that would never have come out of my mouth until late. Maybe more like "Fuck, the damn baseball game is on, Bryan is probably gonna want to watch it." Times, they are a changin' (and there is one hot Oriole this year, Brian Roberts, grrrrrr. I could just eat him up even though he doesn't meet my minimum height requirement).

We even skipped our Friday night post-dinner walk to the park where we stop for coffee and dessert on the way. L-A-M-E-O. Actually it was a trillion degrees out and I thought I'd die before I made it to my decaf iced beverage. I went for a pretty long walk by myself earlier today and thought I was gonna have to call Bryan when I was half way to have him come home from work to pick me up! Toasty!

We live pretty close to a huge park which a couple years ago was just used as a gathering place for both male and female prostitutes (day or night). I'm so naive I never knew why all the young guys would be standing around with their shirts off when the weather didn't warrant. How else would you attract potential clients? Anyway this park has done a 180 and it's beautiful now with a little pond and a brand spanking new playground that I can't wait to take my little boy to! It's an awesome park it really is so I see many picnics in our future. Other breaking news, I just found out a kick ass ice cream place is coming in right around the corner from us (and a new Starbucks). So much for losing this pregnancy weight, huh? Mmmmm, soy chai and a big ass sundae. Now we're talking!



Blogger Melinda said...

Loose the baby weight! HAHAHA I hate people that loose right away! I thing something is genetically wrong with them and these are often the same freaks of nature that dont get 1 single streatch mark!! AHHHH.....Hope i didnt offend anyone!! lol..... Fuck it ia m offended everytime i see a mother of 3 with a body of a 18 year old....GREEN WITH ENVY HERE, lol

9:53 PM  
Blogger dakotablueeyes said...

Green with envy on that note too Melinda. lol Cara, I was wondering about you today too. lol Had to check one last time before I went to bed.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Candice said...

Not so lame as you might think. I, on the other hand, have absolutely nothing of interest to post about, so just keep posting dumb quiz results. Yep it's a trillion degrees here too and this is what I'm doing with my time. (SIGH). Boredom doesn't go away with the pregnancy! I wish I was one of those supermoms that always had cool shit to do, but alas, circumstances being what they are right now, I am a lame-o internet and TV junkie. Who wwants to go to the park when it's 101 degrees outside??

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Darlene said...

I was wondering about you as well. I was hoping to pull you up this morning and it read, "He's Here" or something like that!

Oh, I'll tell you another way to go into labor that I heard at my friend's shower Thursday. I heard one lady say:

"Go watch the fireworks and sit close enough to feel the booms--that'll make you go into labor"

Huh?! Just thought I would pass it along...I'm sure it isn't true, but I know you'll take any advice at this point!!

Have a good day and stay cool!

8:57 AM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

I never thought I'd hear you utter those words either! Hey, I watch it sometimes too. Don't worry about the weight . I was skinny like you before Hailee, gained 60lbs, 3 months later I was back in my tiny jeans. I have a feeling you'll be the same:0) If your not I'll exercise with you. I'm working on that weight now! But honestly you still look damn fine girl! MMMM Ice cream now I can come down and we can walk our kiddos to the park and get an ice cream. I'm looking forward to play dates with you and "what's his name?":0)

3:29 PM  
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