Monday, June 13, 2005

Lock your food up we have a sleep-eater on our hands

I just woke up from the best nap. I rarely even nap well these days so it was a nice surprise when I actually slept for about 3 hours. That's longer than I sleep in one stretch throughout the night. The Mr. is unexpectedly working late tonight so I was never woken up by his sharp 5pm arrival. I was surprised to wake up and see 6-something on the clock. Another thing I was surprised about was that almost the entire sleeve of cookies was gone! I brought over the (reduced-fat) chips ahoy cookies by the couch before I feel asleep. I controlled myself and had the recommended serving of 3 cookies (x2!). But when I woke up almost the entire sleeve was gone!!!! How did this happen?! So it's bad enough I eat all day long when I'm awake but I can apparently pig out in my sleep! I don't even remember eating them!! I seriously was not awake so how could I do that? I would have blamed it on my dogs but if they did it, the package would be on the floor and torn apart and I doubt they would have left any.

Other than my glorious nap I enjoyed a lovely lunch with Kelli and her 2 extremely well-behaved and oh-so-cute girls. They really are cute! Our waiter was a complete freak but it was a nice time. Kelli's daughter was playing with Damn Cat and the cat scratched her! I don't think it was too bad since she didn't seem to be too upset about it but just said "Cara why did the kitty scratch me?" Because she's heartless and evil and needs to pay for it!!! I wasn't sure what to say. In the cat's defense I really think she was playing and got a little too rough because other than that she seemed to be doing OK around the kids. Not like her being out for blood like she is with me.

Now I'm bored and lonely. I could kill time and eat dinner but I guess I'm not hungry after binging on cookies in my sleep. Pregnancy time has seemed to stop after my last appointment. I can't believe I'm not even 36 weeks yet. Soon, but not yet. I swear all of my feelings flip-flop by the second. Time is going by fast, now it's not moving. I think because I am so anxious to go to my next appointment to find out my weight, dilation (if any which I don't expect) and measurements. I'm glad they wanted to see me this week instead of me waiting until next week. I'll be heading there at 1pm tomorrow and happy Bryan is able to go with me this time. I guess I'll find out my results from the Strep-B test as well.

I'll post my appointment details afterward but I'm not expecting anything too out of the norm this time.


Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

A couple of nights a week I wake up in the middle of the night and eat 2 poptarts, not one, TWO! Why can't I crave a carrot or something? I always eat crappy in the midle of the night. BTW we have a CODE RED. So I guess I'll save the next test for another month:0) Kinda relieved but kinda dissapointed.

6:46 AM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

Yeah, I still don't understand the waiter situation. I guess he just didn't know what he was doing. I don't know. That was pretty funny though. :0)

6:50 AM  

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