Thursday, March 17, 2005

In the clear

I just found out the results from my annoying “emergency” ultrasound I had on Tuesday and everything is A.O.K. I knew it would be and I knew that since I hadn’t heard for almost 2 days that if there were anything it couldn’t be anything major, or there would be major hell to pay for them taking so long to tell me!

I honestly figured it would end up being nothing or something silly like another awful bout of constipation. But I was a little skeptical because I did have some good poopings those painful days and the pain didn’t subside. Plus when the doctor suggests I get an ultrasound I’m not going to turn down another chance to see my boy. Had I known the experience would be so frustrating I may have thought twice. I did get to find out my cervix is nice and long plus another awesome u/s pic out of the deal.

Off topic, I’m wearing a maternity shirt today with horizontal stripes. Why would they make maternity clothes with horizontal stripes, the one thing that is known to make people look even WIDER than they are??? Oh well, it was $5.99 at Old Navy, what’s a pregnant girl with a limited wardrobe to do?


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