Monday, November 07, 2005

Support can only last for so long

Bryan is home today and tomorrow from work in place of our anniversary vacation. We're just getting in some good family time. We had a great day today, we went to the mall, did a little shopping. Life is so much better when you are not on a schedule. I mean, we could just take our time, we didn't have anywhere to be. We were able to sit on a bench and just play with J for a good long time. We got tons of smiles and giggles out of him. It must be Bryan.

Bryan has been extremely supportive while I've been on this diet. He has refrained from our ritual of eating pints of ice cream in front of the TV. He's passed on his usual Starbucks during our outings. He's hid pies at his mom's house so it doesn't have to be in my face, he even refrained from eating our Holloween candy. He hardly has had any food at all that would tempt me. Until today while at the mall.

I was hungry about an hour after we got there. I was trying to convince myself my water was filling me up. I couldn't eat anything at the mall, but hell if I am gonna leave already and ruin our fun. Bryan was trying to hold out too but he got weak. WEAK! He needed a coffee and of course the closest place was Cinnabon. Do you hear me, Cinnabon! Why the hell did I go up to the counter with him just to stare at the ooey gooey sweetness? It was painful. Apparently that coffee wasn't enough, he needed to hit up the Starbucks. This is where we sat and played with J, right in the path of the heavenly aroma. Then we're both starving but only ONE of us was able to go to the food court to get some food. Meanwhile I continued to shop with my damn bottle of water while he chowed down on some fast food in the most perfect form.

Can't say I blame him, he's been a trooper. Just not as strong of a trooper as I am. Jerk. He did get a haircut to make up for it, I guess it all evens out.


Anonymous lilonelf said...

I just saw your posts today and back tracked a bit. I was looking for a friend whose son is going through the same issues. My son had some in the beginning, but there were other issues. I'm glad you have your blog. It really helps. I nursed for a while, but eventually my supply was too low ( think it was too much foremilk in hindsight). I did elimination diets and I eventually added nutramigen to supplement nursing. The boob bottles worked and sometimes a plain cup (given slooowly) worked. An item called Baby Bliss Gripe Water helped with the gassiness better than the Zantac or prilosec (my son had GERD), but I'd double check the label to make sure there isn't anything you shouldn't have. It's all natural, but I'm not sure of the sweetner. He also had severe eczema(better with Nutramigen change and diet change - when nursing). He is a happy healthy 16 month old that eats and loves all dairy (that was the main culprit before 1 year). The only thing I am still careful is straight milk. He gets a little each day, but all other processed dairy he's great with. No problems with stool, GERD, or eczema. SO HANG IN THERE!!! You GO WARRIOR WOMAN!!! Don't give up! It'll all work out.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

I'm so glad you find this helpful, that's one thing that keeps me writing, just hoping someone out there would find some tidbit helpful to know they aren't alone!

Glad to hear the boob bottles work, several people recommended them to me and I ordered one last week. Just waiting for it to finally get here. I really, really hope it works!

10:45 PM  
Blogger dakotablueeyes said...

Again does Bryan give lessons. My hubs brings home pies and ice cream and candy bars and asks me if I want it and then quickly says oh never mind. Hey Doof I am on a diet get that shit out of my house lol.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Candice said...

I think I would've killed him. I mean food, alright. But coffee? oh no.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Rachael said...

Sounds like John when I am on a diet. Except he doesn't even try. He'll eat a large pizza while I drool. So at least Bryan tries lol.

1:23 AM  

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