Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The real reason why you shouldn't vaccinate*

Because it's heartbreaking to watch your baby lay there all content and watch his trusting expression quickly turn to "why would you let them hurt me?!" I'm not sure who cried more. He actually handled it very well. He cried when he got them but settled rather quickly. He then took a nap when we got home, which is typical, and is his old self thus far. Full of smiles, thankfully, but I am still keeping a watchful eye. J does have an all-night nursing pass for going through it though. Not that I ever deprive him of nursing, I'm just sticking right by his side boob ready incase he needs it for comfort. Normally I would be doing other shit and Papa trying other soothing techniques. But he's sucking blissfully as we speak on my lap on the trusty ol' boppy.

Other than that his 2 month well-baby went very well. He weighed 14 lb - 3 oz and is 24 3/4 inches tall, 95% range for both, which actually kinda sucks since his infant seat I was hoping would last until he can be front-facing only allows 26". Looks like we'll be needing a new car seat before he hits 6 months! The doctor said his head was kind of small for his height and weight. I was very surprised since it looks enormous to me. He said it wasn't a concern but how can he feel that was worth mentioning if it's not a concern. They'll just make sure it levels out but he seems to be developing just fine.

I brought Bryan's mom for support since he couldn't make it and I was very glad she was there. She really liked his doctor which means a lot since she's been a doctors office manager for many years. She's seen the good and the bad. He's extremely thorough, never, ever, ever rushes us. Today's appointment was 1 hour and a half. He makes you feel like your his only patient which is very important to me. I also gave him the update from the allergist and he was going to call to follow up with him and get more info. I was impressed he was voluntarily going out of his way to do that. I would have expected him to say "ok well you are working with a specialist so it is in his hands now."

Well there can't be a post these days without me mentioning my diet, huh? J woke up at 3am with great discomfort and continued throughout the rest of the night. I looked back through my notes and have noticed a pattern... a new culprit seems to be eggs. The foods I'm allowed to eat are dropping like flies! If it keeps happening, the next thing to go is the tuna. And I'll be left with lettuce and supplements. Alright, that's a bit of an exaggeration. I still have my rice milk over granola and this meal Bryan's mom makes us. She made us some meals when J was born and I happened to say "man I wish we had this every week!" and Bryan told her that and guess what we now have every week? She went out of her way this time to really read all the labels, change the recipe to make it 100% dairy/soy/etc free. Mashed potatoes made with chicken broth instead of milk and butter are pretty darn good!

Did you know I'm a bad mom? I feel horrible about this, I don't want to even mention it but that wouldn't fit my "no holding back" policy. After the doctors appointment J and I took a nap together. He had his little light weight blanket, just like always. Well I woke up and since he was so content and recovering from the shots I didn't want to disturb him. I put on the monitor and left him alone. Well since he's hardly ever been in a different room as me, I didn't trust the monitor so I went in to check on him. This was literally 10 minutes after I left the room. I go in and HE HAD PULLED THE BLANKET OVER HIS HEAD. Granted this is a light weight blanket he could breath through, I still had a heart attack. Bad Mama for leaving him with a loose blanket. I ripped it off of him and scared the crap out of him when I did. We sleep like this every day and never in his short life has he ever had the blanket close to his face. I leave the room for the first time and what happens? See if I ever do that again.

* please note this is sarcasm, we obviously choose to vaccinate but do not have opinions on those who do or do not do the same. This is no way an endorsement for one way or the other.


Blogger holli said...

Oh good grief - you're not a bad mom. Babies do crazy things.. Now if you weren't freaking out about it - THEN there would be cause for concern!!!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I love the vaccine disclaimer. & HIP sleeps with a pillow smashed on his face every night... and he's still kickin' it. Don't sweat it girl.. you're only a bad mom when you leave a set of 12 month old twins on a bed together and one falls off the bed onto it's head. Not that I would know how that feels or anything. ;)

9:54 PM  
Blogger littlefeet said...

i agree with that being a reason to not vax... :)

and just fyi...most of the size charts are on formula-fed babies...dont know if your ped was using a bfing chart or not...just a thought...

love the updates...reminds me when Pman was tiny... :)


12:16 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

If a little blanket over the head gets you now, just wait until he's shoving everything he can possibly find right in his mouth. It will amaze you how he'll manage to find every single miniscule dangerous doodad before you can. And join the bad mom club. i think we are all bad. it's just part of the joy.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I remember feeling really hungry all the time after I had my baby too. I attributed it to breastfeeding since he was still getting all his nutrition from me.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Love the disclaimer!!LOL

Your not a bad Mom! Babies do stuff like a previous poster said..It would concern us if you didnt freak out.

1:46 PM  

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