Sunday, September 11, 2005

Beating a dead horse

I don't mean to keep bringing this up but here is my dilema with this whole "food allergy" thing.

1. He symptoms were never really bad. I bet most people would have just let it go with how mild they were so if this were a real "allergy" wouldn't it be much worse?
2. Why would the allergy start when he was almost 7 weeks old? My diet hadn't changed much
3. If anything it seems more of an "intolerance" than an "allergy" (from what I understand an intolerance has more digestive system reactions where an allergy has all kinds of problems like face swelling/rashes, etc) so if I were to take him to an allergist for testing, is an intolerance enough to show up on their tests?
4. How do I know if things are better with the diet when the symptoms weren't that bad to begin with? I know no bloody stool is a good sign but he didn't have that much or very frequently, I could count the times on one hand. The fussiness I have a feeling is just what a baby does. How do I know what fussiness is normal and what isn't?

I guess I have noticed a little less painful shrieks...I just don't know. He still occasionally pushes and grunts hard sounding uncomfortable (like today right after nursing) so does that mean it could have been something in my diet that day or do all babies do that? Part of me doesn't really feel there is much of an allergy. I guess these are the things I should be talking to the doctor about huh? That's what I'll be doing Wednesday.


Blogger KB said...

That's a hard one? I can imagine and do remember thinking the whole- is something wrong or is this a normal baby thing? Although neither of mine cried, hardly at all. They also both loved the swing so much. It seemed to sooth them almost anytime I couldn't.

To me it sounds like colic, and I bet it will subside in the next 6 or so weeks? but of course what do I know, other than my experience and going from what i've known from my friends babies and such. I also think you're probably onto something when you write about an intolerance rather than allergy? His insides may just need to mature and get used to everything? I have no idea if that makes sense or not, but maybe try easing a little dairy into your diet in a month or two, when the colic subsides, and see how he takes it?

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Carol said...

It's quite possible that you are just over-reacting and being paranoid but if I told you that you are the only new mom out there that does that then I'd be lying, lol.

It really is better to be safe than sorry and it's okay to be vigilant.

But perhaps you did jump the gun on this one. Maybe ease some dairy back into your diet and see if he gets bloody stools again?

I hope you find a solution soon :) Newborns can be terribly difficult to figure out. My first baby used to cry hysterically from 6-10 pm every night. My poor husband just paced the floor, hour after hour until he finally calmed down. Thank goodness he outgrew it rather quickly!

5:51 PM  

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