Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Not so concrete diagnosis

We ruled out an full-fledged "allergy" but it does appear to be a Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (or food protein-induced colitis) causing the bleeding. He did the skin test for milk, soy, eggs, nuts and wheat and they all came back negative. So I'm happy to know it's not a real allergy (and happy no blood was drawn) but just a semi-common baby thing that he should outgrow by 6 months - 1 year.

The course of action is to modify my diet by eliminating dairy, soy and nuts and see if it improves (duh, good thing I paid $30 for that). I obviously have been doing that so I was a little discouraged since it hasn't improved. He gave me lists of ingredients to watch for and I'm 99% sure I haven't consumed any of the diary items but I do think there may be some soy or nut ingredients I wasn't looking for so I need to do better on that. I also don't want to eat out for a couple weeks since I know that's where I slip up. Just for a few weeks to see if it helps.

The good news is that I can have soybean OIL, since it doesn't have the proteins or something like that, which is what I was finding in almost every food item. That should give me a little more selection. I still need to watch for warnings saying "may contain traces." I'm also still missing out on a ton of my favorite foods but it's worth it and who knows it may only be for another 4 months. God do I hope so.

He did say to watch the diet for a few more weeks and if I'm 100% sure I didn't eat anything I shouldn't have and it's not better, then I can give him the pre-digested Nutramigen formula (or another kind called Neocate since the Nutramigen contains traces of milk which prob isn't better than my milk) for a week while pumping to keep my supply. And if in a week it's better then put him back on breast milk and see if it returns. And if it does then well, guess we know it's officially something in my milk. Problem is, we couldn't afford to spend about $40/day for the Neocate.

Now before all you pro-breastfeeding advocates get up in arms, I most likely won't do the formula thing. Right now Bryan and I are comfortable staying with the breastfeeding. I asked the doctor what if I see 1 bloody stool every 2 weeks while breast feeding, is that OK? He said he was fine with that. And I said what if I see one every week, and to that he replied we'll have to play it by ear. He KNOWS I don't want to stop nursing and he WANTS to work with me to keep it going. As long as he's not passing a lot of blood and still growing well then the benefits of breast feeding outweigh the tiny blood loss.

So for now I'm going to play it by ear...still. If it really doesn't seem to improve or happens to get worse then I MAY consider doing the formula trial just to see if J seems better. My thing is that I want J to be MOST COMFORTABLE. I don't want him to be in pain if he doesn't have to be. I know "breast is best" and that's my goal but I also don't feel giving formula is a mortal sin, especially if J is happier that way. (No need to list the reasons why I should continue breast feeding, I know and I'm going to do everything in my power to keep doing it. But also this is my choice and I don't want to be made to feel like a horrible mother if I decide I can't do it anymore because I don't feel that is the case.)

So anyway, that's where we're at. Which I think is the same place we were yesterday.


Blogger Veronica said...

Well I much rather see my baby happy then suffer through stools.
Your the mommy..follow your gut!


4:57 PM  
Blogger fuzzypeach said...

Well I'm glad you got some (sorta) answers. Of course you're not a horrible mother for wanting what makes your baby happy and healthy! I hope little J gets to feeling better with the elimination diet. Good luck mama.

5:26 PM  
Blogger holli said...

My goodness - so what CAN you eat??

I was only able to breastfeed Faith for 10 weeks - physically.. I tried the pumps, the medication - no success.. and I know other people, along with me - have gotten grief from some breastfeeding nazis.. but you just gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes the world doesn't work 100% according to schedule. You're a great mom and you'll do what's best.

And before anyone goes nuts - there is a difference between being pro-breastfeeding, and making everyone else feel like a terrible mother if you don't take it all the way.. I understand the difference. Not trying to hack anyone off.

6:50 PM  
Blogger Kira said...

i know it wasn't exactly the answer you wanted, but on the other hand, it could have been worse! and, it is nice to get a few answers. 6 months is better than a year.
and i hope you found dr. schuberth to be to your liking... because we will be seeing him in next month!

7:50 PM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

You do what you feel is best. You know your baby. If anyone trys to tell you different. Then I say "The hell with em":0)

9:22 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

oh dammit...to hell with the breastmilk nazis. If after all of your not eating this or that and the baby still has the bloody poo, there is nothing wrong with you switching to formula if that is what you choose. I'm sorry, bloody pooh...how can you argue with it? That said, I hope he outgrows it and that you can keep nursing(assuming you do want to continue). Remember, opinions are like iceholes. Trust yourself.

10:23 PM  
Blogger littlefeet said...

do what you gotta do to make you and your baby happy...that is all that matters... :)

and while you are at the same place as yesterday, at least you know its not a real allergy...doesnt make it any easier though...


11:15 PM  
Blogger The Mom said...

Don't worry about what anything thinks. All you can do is what's best for your baby, even if that means giving up doing something you really wanted to do. You're doing what makes J most comfy and happy... he couldn't ask for a better mommy than that.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Carol said...

I'm very happy that you got some semi-answers and I hope that his symptoms clear up quickly.

2:09 PM  

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