Sunday, September 04, 2005

Nope, can't do it

This is absolutely impossible and that is no exaggeration. About 50% of all food in this world has some form of dairy and the other 50% has some form of soy. That leaves 0% for me to eat. It's ridiculous and I'm pissed off! If we confirm it is dairy and he also can't do soy then I'm not sure what we can do because this is miserable. And I'm sure I've consumed some hidden dairy/soy since I've started this because it's impossible. I went to go eat some baked chips and right before I put one in my mouth I checked the label and it contains both soy AND milk. WTF, I never knew chips had milk them. And bread, yeah that's a no-no too. Eating out is pointless, it's not like it's enjoyable now. I thought I was safe with hamburgers and french fries but the bun is bad. I'm sure there is something in fries I shouldn't eat. I can't even have anything to satisfy my sweet tooth because even Dark Chocolate has TRACES OF MILK.

So yesterday I had scrambled eggs (no milk) with the tiniest amount of Pam cooking spray because even that contains soy, a hamburger with no bun just ketchup (can't do hot dogs), plain chips (baked seem to be the problem), tiny slice of heavenly ham, fruit salad and corn on the cob with olive oil. Olive oil on my corn for shittin sake. What I wouldn't do for some damn butter (fake butter and margarine are also out of the question) That may seem like a good amount of food but it's not. Meanwhile I get to sit there and watch everyone pig out and not give it a second thought and I don't know how many times someone has either eaten ice cream or said ice cream in front of me in the last 2 days.

We went to Austin Grill tonight and there were like 2 things I could eat. I had to get chicken. I HATE CHICKEN. I couldn't even have chips and salsa or a taco. This soy shit is killing me. I'm sure my roasted vegetables had something on them I shouldn't have but it's either eat them or die. Plus they have the best brownie sundae with coconut ice cream that we always get but not anymore! I found out my tuna I ate Friday was bad because yes mayo, although dairy free there is fucking soy in it. Even 'Vegannaise" has soy and boy does that sound delicious anyway. I'm telling you, anything without dairy has soy and vice versa. Have you ever done the Atkins diet? Well you know how hard and shitty that is, this is 100 times worse. I've had to fight back tears numerous times thinking about this. What really makes it hard is knowing I'm accidentally consuming things I shouldn't be anyway. The strictest of all diets are easier because you can cheat when no one is looking. But I can't do that. If it were my allergy, I'd suffer through the occasional stomach ache if I really wanted to give in. I can't do that when it doesn't effect me, only J.

So how is your fucking Labor Day weekend??


Blogger fuzzypeach said...

*hugs* Sucks I know.

8:59 PM  
Blogger molly said...


9:11 PM  
Blogger Kira said...

when you can have soy again, try smart balance LIGHT margerine which is dairy free. only light is dairy free. it's non hydrogenated. they also make other products like earth balance and soy balance that may or may not have dairy.
also you might check if hellman's "canola" mayo has soy in it?
i buy the local "big sky bread company" bread which is dairy free. the one i have is soy free too.
when you can have soy, whole foods choc. chips are dairy safe (no traces warning), and i think many brands of plain unsweetened cocoa.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Just remember - it's only temporary! Can you bake your own bread maybe? I know you are no chef (I recall this from a post some time ago) but perhaps you need to look into making your own stuff. But I guess I don't understand why you are trying to eliminate both dairy and soy at the same time? Personally, I'd ditch the dairy first and see if that helps at all. If it doesn't, then perhaps try eliminating the soy as well.

I had a friend who's baby had some serious sensitivities and I swear, all that woman could eat was potatoes and some strange root that you see at the grocery store but never actually think anyone buys! LOL

Again, ONLY TEMPORARY! You are doing the right thing, Cara. There will come a day when you'll be glad that you did this. I promise you.


11:24 PM  
Blogger Amy said...


Millie has a milk allergy too.(but she can do soy) Life is so hard when it comes to dietary restrictions! Hopefully this is something he will outgrow over time ( I think they say after a year things typically clear up.) Hopefully that is the case for you guys. I don't have any pointers, only love and support. Write or call if you need me. & What time were you @ Austin Grille last night?? I had dinner @ the one in Canton last night as well.. how weird would that be if we were there @ the same time and didn't see each other?

9:02 AM  
Blogger Melinda said...

O man that sucks!!! One of My sons' friends is allergic to ALL Dairy, i can see what his mama cooks for him. Why can't you do soy?

9:50 AM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

That really does suck! Hopefully you can do soy. Maybe your doctor can give you a list of stuff you can eat. He should! AHHH, The things we do for our children . Your a good mama though. Some people I'm sure would still consume dairy. Like some people still smoke in their house even when their baby is being treated with a nebulizer for asthma! Sorry, i still get upset about that. I'll be praying you find a ton of food you can eat!:0)

2:13 PM  
Blogger Magnolia_Mom said...

Wow! I never realized so many things had SOY! That sucks!

8:43 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

I will eventually be introducing Soy and if that goes well then all this will be much easier.

I was going to do no dairy/soy/nuts for a few weeks until it cleared up then slowly introduce Soy and other things to hopefully narrow down the culprit

According to the stats, 60% of babies with a dairy allergy also have a reaction to Soy and 40% don't. Or maybe I have those #'s backwards!

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Carol said...

I don't have statistics at my finger tips but I'm almost positive that more babies are sensitive to dairy than soy.

Hang in there! You might just try eliminating dairy first though. If that doesn't help then cut out the soy too. Don't be so hard on yourself if you don't have to, know what I mean?

12:24 PM  
Blogger Becki said...

that totally sucks but is there a chance that a small amount wouldn't affect him at all? there has to be some give and take. you can't starve yourself to death and still breastfeed right? I'm sorry this is horrible for you.

3:43 PM  

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