Thursday, May 19, 2005

Interview with a vampire

Fine, he wasn't a vampire but almost just as bad...HE HAD A MULLET. Yes the potential pediatrician we met with yesterday had a mullet. And it wasn't the hip version that was coming back around, like the one my friend Pepper had. This was your good ol' fashioned business in the front, party in the back. Can I see us putting our son's life in the hands of a mullet man? That is the question we are currently trying to answer. I'm sure there is no correlation between his hairstyle and his medical skill, but it makes me wonder "how can I ensure he is up on all the latest treatments when he can't even keep up on men's hairstyles."

Aside from that, he seemed like a good doctor. I can't say I left there like "oh yeah he's totally the one" but there wasn't anything I didn't like (aside from said hair). We haven't finalized our decision but not sure if we'll be interviewing anymore. He seemed like he was on the same page with parenting lifestyles as we were. He is a little green but I kinda liked that he was on the younger side. He is a Johns Hopkins doctor which are supposed to be great. He's located within walking distance of our house; he does have some evening appointments which were all things I was looking for. And it's not like we're forced to stay with him if it doesn't work out.

One thing that really bothered me was the receptionists. We've had 4 interactions with them, all very unpleasant. Normally I would have moved on right then but I made several calls to other offices and they were all just as bad. Good help must be hard to find. The first time I called the girl was just very unfriendly...I didn't even know if I had the correct place because she answered the phone so unprofessionally. The 2nd time I called to schedule the appointment I had a complete moron. I had to repeat my information (and repeatedly tell her I couldn't give her my son's name or date of birth BECAUSE HE WASN'T BORN YET.) 3rd, Bryan called to reschedule our appointment which of course they couldn't find anywhere in the system. They eventually found it but it was because of idiot #2 had my first name, last name, address and date of birth ALL WRONG despite me telling her about 20 times.

Then we almost actually got in a fight with one of them last night at the office. The one lady seemed way more together and nice but it was the other ghetto ass bitch that pissed us off. I was filling out the form which had a place for Mother and Father's name and the patient’s name. Makes sense since this is a peds office. Well I asked what do I put for the patient info and she said to just use my information. Fine...Bryan goes to turn in the form and gets crap because I used his and my name as the mother/father when I supposedly should have put MY parent’s info. WHY WOULD THEY NEED MY PARENTS INFORMATION? I corrected the form and Bitch had such an attitude I just kind of threw it down on the table at her and we had like a little "stare off." It was pathetic. She then gave me crap for not being able to read my mother's maiden name and I said it's really not relevant here and awwww shit she told me. Seriously, I want to know in what circumstance they would need my parent’s name. My OB/GYN doesn't need it; my family practitioner doesn't need it. The only reason it is on the form is because all patients here (aside from any consultations like us) are fucking children. I AM NOT A CHILD and there would be no need to contact my parents for anything.

Anyway it was so stupid and we told the Doctor how poorly it was handled. He seemed sincerely apologetic for their rudeness. He also ensured me that if I had to call with any issues I wouldn't be dealing with them. I hate to think that we would pass up a good doctor because of some ghetto girl. I should have known, I have bad customer service experience everywhere I go, why would this be any different. So we're still officially undecided at the moment but feel he is a good potential candidate.


Blogger Anne said...

We left our last pedia because her staff was so shitty. Our new Dr has a better staff but I am afriad there is a serious shortage (in the country) of good, friendly, and above all NICE help. It's pretty depressing. Maybe if these stingy drs got together and actually PAID for better help then we would get better service. I sympathize whichoo.

3:44 PM  
Blogger Elaine said...

OK, that sounded like an exersize in futility. They're really doing you a favor by getting you ready for the illogical world of a newborn! LOL!

And the mullet thing would have me second guessing, but I'd take a funny looking ape man if he was alligned with our AP choices. SO HARD to find a good ped. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

11:13 AM  

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