Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I told you!

I told you that last weeks birthing class was horrifying! We went for our 3rd and final class yesterday and only half the class showed up! I think the movies we saw the week before scared them away. If that’s true and they happened to figure out away around this birthing mess, I wish they would share the knowledge! I’m kind of glad it’s over though. I didn’t enjoy being in a room full of pregnant women. No special treatment, no “awwwing” over me. And you can only take so many big bellies and thick ankles (aka “thankles”)

Last nights class was about pain medication options, Cesareans and post-partum care. I liked hearing about the pain relief. It was pretty much everything I’ve already read but I seemed to gain more insight last night. This is my plan (not up for discussion either!) I’m going to try natural. Once I realize there is no way I can handle it, I’m going to go for the Stadol. Once I realize there is really no need to feel the lower part of my body since it’s causing me such extreme pain, then I’ll do the Epidural. Hopefully I’ll find some inner strength I didn’t know I had and not need to go beyond the natural. The episiotomy scares me the most still. If birth is such a natural process, ummmm, why aren’t we made with a big enough hole?? I’m hoping once Bryan and I start working on my perineum stretches (he can’t wait to start those, he wants to do it now but I need to be a little further along) this will really help reduce the chance of tearing. B/c they are NOT cutting me!

That’s really the only thing that concerns me about gaining more than the recommended weight, how it increases the chances for a larger baby. Despite what I say I really don’t care I gained more than recommended. Sure it’ll be harder to lose after but who cares, I’m enjoying it now. But I’ll be very upset if my baby weighs an extra 2 pounds (coming out of your crotch, that’s a lot!) just because I couldn’t keep from stuffing my face (regardless of how Bryan tries to politely stop me “You may not want to eat all 3 chicken patties, I couldn’t even do that. Maybe you should let the meal that would serve 4 adults you just scarfed down digest before having more.”) Meanwhile I already reached over and stabbed the chicken patty on his plate like a caveman and started gnawing away on it still on my fork w/out even cutting it.

So today I am 32 weeks…just 8 weeks away! How can being 32 weeks along seem further away than 30 weeks?? I swear 2 weeks ago I was freaking out about how close I am and now today I feel like it’s light-years away. I think I’m going to miss being pregnant though. I like my big ol’ belly, I like having my baby with me every second of the day in a safe place (where he doesn’t cry either). But I’m sure nothing compares to actually caring for your newborn.

We have another nursery crisis on our hands. I haven’t been curtain shopping because my MIL was going to make some from the left over fabric. We just found out there isn’t quite enough fabric to do it. I could order more but…I’m going to try to find some. I’ve seen sheers I like but with all the street lights in the ally behind our house I need something that will actually keep light out (and our neighbor who is literally 3 inches away from seeing in.) I’m afraid it’ll be hard to find something that matches our colors.

Here are my 2 most recent baby purchases. I am now banned from buying any more shoes (so I’m told). I also want to post some pics of my favorite baby shower gifts but have to actually take the pictures first. Both shoes are from


Blogger Daph said...

I love those shoes! Those look like Robeez... I have 3 pairs for Phoebe. They're awesome! :)

I say go for all-natural, mama, and don't let anyone tell you different. You don't have to be ashamed or embarassed if you need pain meds, either. Just do what you feel comfortable with, and listen to your body.

They gave me a shot of Stadol with Marissa, and I remember telling the nurse that I felt crunchy, like a potato chip. I still get teased about it to this very day, LOL.

12:20 PM  
Blogger loopis said...

HUBBY LOOPIS (1:10:30 PM): back
MAMA-CTA (1:16:05 PM): cool
MAMA-CTA (1:20:55 PM): why did you tentatively accept bulk trash
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:21:29 PM): cuz of mayor McCheese
MAMA-CTA (1:22:15 PM): what???????????
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:22:31 PM): You haven't heard?
MAMA-CTA (1:22:34 PM): no
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:22:37 PM): ohhh
MAMA-CTA (1:22:57 PM): explain
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:23:48 PM): he's missing
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:24:03 PM): and I'm helping with the search on that day
MAMA-CTA (1:24:28 PM): ok i have no clue what you are talking about and think you are fucking w/me
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:25:26 PM): mee?
MAMA-CTA (1:25:45 PM): yes
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:26:04 PM): who sends out freakin meeting request to there husband for bulk trash pick up?
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:26:38 PM): "Look Out"
MAMA-CTA (1:26:45 PM): it's b/c it's 3 weeks from now, would you remember to put it out???
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:27:05 PM): yes because you will remind me everyday until i die or the day comes
MAMA-CTA (1:27:18 PM): lol :-)
HUBBY LOOPIS (1:27:27 PM): love you, die

12:45 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Thanks babe, now the world knows just how big of a loser I am when the only things that fill up my hectic calendar are trash days :)

12:52 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

HAHAHAHAH! Love that excahnge, I LOVE IT! Luckily you have to option of doing it the way you want to do it. I pretty well went into it with the plan of an epidural when I was done with the pain and I have no complaints. The perineum cutting phobia is right on. I want to say that I heard long ago that one that tears naturally heals faster than when they cut that bad boy. yowch.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute shoes! I've gotten a lot of good ideas from your baby links! has these giraffe mary janes that just kill me! Have you seen them? Hey, how did your pediatrician interview go? p.s. I really enjoyed trash duty.I call dibs on it at your next one too!No ones stopping me!:0)-KELLI

6:38 AM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Thanks Kel!

I just checked out those shoes and OMG so frigin cute. I try not to ever look at the girl stuff b/c then I'll start thinking "awww, if only I was having a girl!"

I'm glad you are finding my links resourceful :) I need to reformat that link page it's all screwy and hard to read not to mention IT'S DOWN AT THE MOMENT b/c someone, I won't mention who, forgot to renew the domain for where it's kept. So hopefully we'll have that back up soon for ya :)

2:50 PM  

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