Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bunch 'o Mish-Mash

Boy hectic city at work, messin’ with my blogging time and I don’t like that!

Yesterday we found out our great friends, Wendy and John, who are expecting their first child together, will be having a little girl. We’re very excited especially since our little boy will have a playmate so close in age. She’ll be due a couple months after our boy on September 16th (which is kind of freaky since that is also John’s first daughter’s birth date. Weird!) But we’re very, very happy for them!

I have been loving the baby’s movement these days. I think comparatively speaking (compared to what? not sure since he’s my first but from what I hear) he’s generally a little mellow guy. But it’s advanced from kicking and thumping to actual pushing where you can feel body parts. I can’t yet distinguish what parts I’m feeling. I was telling some ladies at work (one who is brand new) and I said something about me thinking it’s his head because it’s round and hard. Well the new lady said kind of crappy “It’s not his head, it’s his butt.” What?!? I don’t like your tone and A. I didn’t realize you had ultrasound eyes and can tell me what position my baby is in and B. Your new so SHUT UP. I’m sure I can be totally wrong, there isn’t a doubt in my mind about that but seriously she didn’t have to act like she knew exactly what part I was feeling 2 days ago. I did notice that his feet (or some body part because I obviously am an idiot and don’t know the right parts) were pushing up very close, just about under my ribs. So I’m assuming this is when the babies start to hang out in your rib cage as I hear so much about and how uncomfortable that can be. That’s OK, I needed a new pain/symptom, I was feeling a little too healthy.

Actually I have been getting little cramps that come and go. At first I assumed they were Braxton Hicks but then I realized that my uterus wasn’t getting rock hard like I’ve noticed during an actual Braxton. And it feels more menstrual-y. I know this can be a sign of pre-term labor but I AM NOT CALLING MY DOCTOR! I’ve only noticed it for a couple of days and before I call and get rushed to Labor and Delivery I’m going to keep monitoring them. I’m sure knowing me it’s just gas or maybe even a figment of my imagination. I started wondering just how many times my overactive mind and overcautious doctors will send me to Labor and Delivery before I actually go into labor for real.

Well we’re off to Niagara Falls tomorrow so you won’t be hearing from me until Monday. And hopefully I don’t come back to a nightmare at work and will have time to write (what else would I come back to??)! Have a dandy weekend!


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