Friday, April 22, 2005

Did you ever NOT want the weekend to come?

I’m not sure why but I’m really nervous about my Gestational Diabetes test tomorrow. I think because I had no worries about the first one and look where I am now! Needless to say I’m dreading the actual event aside from the extended time sitting in a lab….with my MOM no less. When I went for my first test there was a pregnant woman more pregnant than me there and she wasn’t looking so good. The lab guy then came out and told her she couldn’t finish and sent her home w/a barf bag. I thought she had the flu. So when I was getting the instructions the guy was saying “if you feel sick, there is the bathroom.” I’m like “hold up, WAIT! You mean I could get sick from this?” That thought never crossed my mind. He explained because the drink is so sweet (he obviously doesn’t have my sweet tooth) and you have to drink it so quickly some people can’t handle it. I asked if that’s what happened to the other lady and he said she was doing the 3 hour and the drink is more concentrated so I should be fine. Well here I am going in for the 3 hour with the more concentrated drink. I was worried about getting my blood drawn 4 times (hello, I only have 2 arms and itty bitty veins!) but all that blood with the sickening drink? I’m GOING TO DIE. It’s not that I’m terrified to get my blood drawn but 4 times is a bit much. I always get “how can you be afraid of needles with all those tattoos!” Let’s see….well the tattoo artist isn’t tattooing the inside of my fucking veins! It’s just the very top layer of my flesh, which hurts like a mother fucker anyway!

I also must mention that I feel I’ll fail this test. I’m generally all gloom n’ doom but aside from my normal pessimism, I really feel I’m going to fail. And if I do, I do. It’s not the end of the world…but it is just one more thing I’m going to have to think about and my brain is overloaded as it is. I’m forever on the verge of a meltdown. If only it could stay Friday forever and this little test never has to occur and I can continue to live in my sugar-loaded world of denial.

I do have some things to look forward to this weekend but generally it’s going to suck ass. I’ll be spending most of it fucking working. I hate doing that during my paid 40 hours. But I’ll be hanging with a friend and her adorable kidlings Saturday while Bryan is out being a man. I’m looking forward to seeing the mama with her awesome dreads I’m so extremely jealous of. And I did get to have fun time (although I should have been working) with another mama friend last night (she happens to be my #1 blog fan and #1 commenter!). In fact she’s probably reading some of your blogs as we speak! It was the first time I saw her newest addition who is already 8 months old!!!! I couldn’t believe how much time went by. It’s scary just how fast it goes. So the weekend won’t be a total bust. And I’m hoping to have some good news for me Monday, or Tuesday AT THE LATEST. “Hi Cara we’re just calling to let you know your blood work came back absolutely fine. You are the picture of good health and we should all strive to be like you.” OK that was pushing it.


Blogger loopis said...

I'm not your number 1 blog fan or commentor, but your my number 1 wifey and best friend. You will be fine either way. - DH

12:12 PM  
Blogger Heaven Sent said...

Great -- how can I top DH's comment?? :o)

Just try to hang in there and it will be over before you know it. Heck, with all you've gone through so far, this will be a piece of, um, ham... you know what I mean. :o)

Luv ya!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Ame said...

If your test comes back positive... call me.. I've been dealing w/ the diabetes shit for almost 29 years... I'll teach you all the dirty tricks. :)

Luckily.. if you DO have gestational diabetes.. your's will go away.. then I will hate you. :P

1:35 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

okay, the oversweet orange carbonated crap they make you guzzle is really not so bad. I've done it twice now and neither time have I felt any urge to puke, bark, hurl, or soil myself. The nice thing about GD is that is does go away following delivery. When I was carrying Emma, early on one of my thyroid hormones was a little wacky and there was a chance I'd need some damned drugs for hypothyroidism. It never developed but again, remember, being pregnant is hard on a body. It may be natural but it's still hard.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had so much fun hanging out on thursday. Hailee will probably go to school raving about reese's penis butter cups. YES I AM THE # 1 FAN!!!!!Anne probably thinks I'm a nutball! I tried to comment on her Blog and the same comment appeared like 95 times! Good luck with your test , I'll say a little prayer for you. KELLI

10:03 PM  

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