Monday, March 14, 2005

Water Logged

I am feeling very fat today. Not in the typical “I’m fat” girl way but more so in a typical “I’m fat” PREGNANT girl way. It’s still depressing. On top of my expected weight gain from eating pizza every day (not just some pizza, usually then ENTIRE pizza) the water retention has begun. I can no longer easily remove my wedding rings when I slather my unshapely body up w/lotion. I constantly have indentations on my legs from my socks no matter how loose they are. And I’m outgrowing my maternity clothes. While that can be expected b/c your belly grows so much and you typically need to increase sizes at some point during your pregnancy but my pants fit just fine in the waist. I still have expansion room in the belly; it’s my thighs that tell another tale. While I was known to sport tight ass pants when I was a size 2 (OK sometimes a 4) I’m not quite feeling that look at the moment but I have no choice. I was so looking forward to spring and summer. I couldn’t wait to show off my pregnant bod w/cute skirts and little tank tops. But thanks to my new outty, I may opt for something a little less revealing in the stomach area. And skirts may no longer be an option as the size of my thighs increase I could start a forest fire from all the chafing from them rubbing together. Something I naively didn’t anticipate. It might be safer for everyone if I keep some kind of non-flammable fabric between my legs this summer.

There is a bright side. I don’t have stretch marks….yet. I haven’t developed any of the scary varicose veins that plagued my mom and sister…yet. AND I did get to buy new big ass size D bras!! No more pretending I’m a full C. So what if my new big boobs are now accompanied w/big, black nipples? I can proudly and honestly say I wear a D. So bring on the pizza, let’s go for Double-D's!


Blogger pregnancyweekly said...

I wear my wedding rings on a necklace since my fingers are also too swollen! :)

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