Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Did you know I gave birth to an angel?

Today while Bryan was home sick, J and I went to Reel Moms and saw Just Like Heaven. We were going more for the event than the movie but I happen to like my cheesy chick flicks as well. I didn't know what to expect from him in a movie theater. He blew my mind. He sat on my lap watching the big screen for the first 45 minutes. I then nursed him, he fussed for about 30 seconds and after a good burp and another minute of nursing he fell asleep for the rest of the movie. I was even able to put him in my sling, walk through Old Navy, put him in his car seat and drive the whole way home without him waking up. What an amazing boy, if I'm allowed to brag. Oh yeah, my blog, I can brag away.

I kinda felt like the lonely loser mom since almost everyone else was there with a play group or friend. There were some other solos and I recognized some girls from my birthing class but I'm not one for small talk. In fact I'm extremely bad at it so I just try to stay away from it all together. I did run into a friend/former co-worker and got to see her new little boy so that was cool. It was very weird being in a movie theater that early with a bunch of babies. Every now and then a baby would cry and I'd think "can you believe they brought a baby to the movies" then I realized so did I and that was the whole frigin' point. It was kinda funny to look over and see about 10 moms standing in the aisle doing the mommy-sway calming their babies. Alright, there was 1 dad, have to give him some props for going into a sea of housewives.

But I'll tell ya, if you are feeling like a frumpy old mom, go there and you'll instantly feel better. Aside from my friend, there wasn't too much style in that place. And man, compared to some of them, we travel light. There were strollers and pillows and toys and pacifiers and food and a million Baby Bjorns in addition to them also having strollers and blankets and just tons of gadgetry. I had J and my diaper bag. I figure there is nothing a boob couldn't handle if he needed anything. And whaddya know, I'd be bringing my boobs anyway, no extra baggage needed.

I keep wanting to start a play group of my own with all my friends from different groups (and even some of my internet friends!) and organize all that crap but then I think I have no room for entertaining at my house so they'd always have to be outings which just isn't always practical. It might not be the best if I start a play group and say, "Oh you want to join? Sure and guess what, we're having it at your house!" Yes there are tons of existing play groups out there but do you ever get the feeling you just don't quite fit in? Yeah, well that's me. And it's kind of selfish because I want all my friends in one group. So until I get a group of my own, I look forward to next weeks Reel Moms event, I just can't get enough of being a loney, loser mom.


Anonymous Carol said...

I love this statement: "I had J and my diaper bag. I figure there is nothing a boob couldn't handle if he needed anything. And whaddya know, I'd be bringing my boobs anyway, no extra baggage needed."

That's one of the best things about breastfeeding! I don't even take a diaper bag. I take A diaper and a ziplock baggie of wipes and toss it in my purse, lol. And of course I love that you realize how easy breastfeeding really is ;)

Enjoy Reel Mom's while you can though -- J won't be quite so portable in a few more months, muwhahahahahahaha!

As for the playgroup thing -- we had one in Washington and in the winter months we literally rotated people's houses. It worked out quite well. You should start one and host the first one at your house. It's okay if it's small!

11:07 PM  
Blogger mamaloo said...

I had the exact same experience as you, only a couple of years ago. The only reason I had my stroller, when i did have it, was because I was hauling our asses around on the bus. I'd arrive at the theatre and there'd be a couple dozen moms in SUVs pulling humongous strollers out of their vehicles, walking them 20ft into the show and then abandoning them at the back of the room! Completely retarded!

I, too, felt like I totally stood out. There was one small group of moms who had decent haircuts and cool shoes but I never got beyond saying "hi" to them. Otherwise, everyone looked like suburban dorks.

I was pretty lucky in that, not only did I nurse well beyond a year, therefore I had an easy "shutter-upper" on hand when Kieran became much more active, but he seemed to really love sitting on my lap watching movies, as long as he had a smarties box or something to return to it's original pulpy form.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

OMG reel moms sounds so wonderful! I wonder if they offer it here. hrmmm. I can only imagine what a 9 mo. old would do...nursing would probably bore her after while since it already is beginning to now! And you should totally organize your own playgroup (she says). Having all your friends together with their kids is a noble ambition, specially if you hate small talk (which most of us do, sadly). so good luck!

4:20 PM  

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