Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Seriously how do you guys do it?

My neck of the woods can be a tad yuppie-ish. There are many doctors and young, successful entrepreneurs so I'm used to seeing the expensive cars, etc. But what I can't get over is how many frigin' Bugaboo Strollers there are in this small piece of the world. Recently I've counted 5....that's a lot considering the stroller is about $750 (and not any cheaper on eBay - I've looked!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol,what is a stroller?
babywearer supreme!
p.s. kidding, i do have a double stroller. it was $50 and i had a gift cer(=free-ninety-nine:),the other was a gift.
not cheap, but not over $200.
-oh yeah and i got a free umbrella stroller for spending $75 that day on other crap.haha!
People need to get a grip.it's a fuckin' stroller!~

5:48 PM  

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