Monday, April 11, 2005

Just call me Jinx…news from my depressing OB appointment

Well I gained 5 pounds in the 3 weeks from my last appointment. That’s a grand total of 33 pounds in just under 27 weeks. My worst weeks were an 8 pound gain when the lady tried to comfort me by saying “Everyone had big weight gains over the holidays.” Too bad she couldn’t use the same excuse the next time when I gained 9 pounds. And then I have a friend who “only gained ½ a pound last month” A HALF A POUND. I think I gain that in an hour. Granted this was her first trimester when she was very nauseas but helllloooo, I was not only extremely nauseous but vomiting nonstop for 5 months and I STILL managed to gain 22 pounds (at that point).

I know I always harp on and on about the weight but that isn’t even what bothered me. I get there, get weighed, peed in the cup not to mention all over my hand (it seems like I now have 8 pee holes with the way the pee shoots everywhere) and I wait in the little room while she dips my pee. She comes in and sternly says “What did you eat?” Ummmmm, oops! I didn’t realize that when I chowed down on the Swedish Fish on my way over that it would be that instant and show up in my urine already. Or maybe it was those few cookies I had before I left the office. Either way I tried to distract her by saying “Oh I had my glucose test Saturday!” Expecting her to not have received the results already, I was not only surprised but very disappointed when she said “Yeah I know, we need to talk about that.” FUCK! You mean I failed that after I fasted and everything?!?! Apparently I had a 142 and 135 is the cut off. So I now have to do something I said I hope I wouldn’t have to is now take the 3 hour glucose test. I have to fast AGAIN and not just sit in the lab for 1 hour but 3, AND not just get my blood drawn once but 4 times!!! If I fail 2 out of the 4 blood draws then I have Gestational Diabetes. But my doctor thinks I’ll be just fine since I was barely over the limit and most people with it have higher scores the first time. So I asked her if I pass this 2nd test if I should still change my diet or anything (I mean I KNOW I shouldn’t be eating candy and cookies but it’s different when it’s doctors orders) and she said “No you are fine.” If I am fine then can’t we just let this little thing go and let me skip the retest??? I know, I need to know for my baby’s sake. But I think I’m more upset about the fact that I have to sit in the lab for 3 hours than anything. And last Saturday I tried to find a Dunkin Donuts afterwards incase I found out this very news and would have to modify my diet but to no avail. So after this retest I’m damn making sure I hit a Dunkin Donuts before I get the results since there is even more of a chance I may not be able to eat it again for a while!

So I find all this out right before I get my blood pressure taken and of course it’s higher than normal. Not much at all and still in the normal range but I know it was because she just told me all this crap. And I’m sure work played a part in it. Also I thought I wouldn’t have to come back for another 5 weeks instead of 4 since this appointment was a week early but she immediately said “No 4 weeks.” I was looking forward to a little break. I think I’m on probation now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most wait I gained in a month was a whopping 12lbs. So don't feel bad, and that happened more than once. Jen gained 11lbs the other month. I'll be thinking about you for your re-test!Everything will be ok! KELLI

6:45 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

okay, with each pregnancy, I didn't really keep up with how much I gained per month. It was easier to look at it as an average and almost every time, no matter when I checked, it amounted to an AVERAGE of about a pound a week. It's easy for me to tell you not to worry about it but don't sweat it. And as long as you are eating plenty of fruits and veggies along with the sweets, f8ckit. You have a basic blank check to eat all the dunkin donuts you want and baby likes it just fine. Baby LOVES it.

7:50 AM  

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