Friday, November 11, 2005

Modeling agencies won't be knocking down our door

We had our "photo shoot" today and let's just say at least it was fun. First of all, J woke up terribly snotty. This must explain why he woke about every 45 minutes last night, wouldn't let me set him down in the co-sleeper and wouldn't even sleep next to me. Apparently the only place he was willing to sleep was on my chest while I was sitting up. Poor guy, this cold makes his first cold look like the picture of optimal health. Bryan thinks he got it at the germ-filled movie theater. Probably right. Back to photo shoot...

I was hesitant on taking him because of his cold but after we were up and about he wasn't snotty, seemed totally OK so I risked it. Not realizing as soon as he'd hit the outdoors the snot faucet would be turned on. I felt so bad for him. So when picture time came, he wouldn't really nurse, there was snot all over my boob and his face and he then spit up all over me which looked like a month's worth of milk. And naturally any spit up cloth I had was waaaaay on the otherside. I had to use someone's I didn't even know. Then I had the awkwardness of "do I take it home and wash it for her knowing I don't know her and would never see her again" or "just hand over the snotty, spit-uppy thing and let her deal with it?" I went for the latter, at least she got it back. This was a group shot so it wasn't like the camera was all on me and most likely we "faked" it well enough. Hopefully.

But it was a lot of fun. I got to meet the brains behind the book in person who is very, very nice (Hi Colleen!). She's so admirable, everything she does regarding breastfeeding and helping parents with all kinds of issues. She handed out little cards to keep on us with the Maryland law regarding breastfeeding in public incase someone tries to stop us. I can whip out my card like a police badge and say back the fuck up, these boobies are sticking around so you can either enjoy the show or go on your prudish little way. She also read to us what the book will say and it's just beautiful. I can't wait for it to come out!!

For some reason it was a little emotional for me. I kept wondering if I'd even be able to still breastfeed by the time we do get the book. So being in it means a lot to me. Before J was born my goal was to breastfeed for 6 months. Then in the beginning when we were having all the latch issues, my goal was to just TRY to stick with it for 1 year seeing how he loved it so. Then when I realized how much I loved sharing those moments with him I decided no harm in letting him go for 2 years. And now, I'm all for self-weaning. Which from what I understand can happen now or up to 3+ years. A friend of mine was breastfeed herself and her mom had every intention on letting her self-wean. But when she was still breastfeeding at 4 years old, her mom had to draw the line. I think that sounds TOTALLY reasonable and I think that would be my cut off as well. But man do I hope he wants to stop before then!!

All in all, a fun experience. Too bad it didn't happen on a healthier day.


Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

You'll have to fill me in on the book. I'm totally lost! But it sounds really cool! I'd have to draw the line too! I cant imagine Hailee coming up to me and asking me to whip it out. She's four! Even at three she was a little whipper snapper. She use to nurse her baby dolls all the time when she saw me nursing Gianna. I still remember the time Chad said to her "Your awfully grumpy, you better switch sides!" You know Chad, so it was hilarious. Anyway, I'm really proud of you and you are a great example of a dedicated mommy!

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