Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Same shit, different day

Nothing too new lately on the baby front the last couple days but the same old shit. Actually that's a lie. I finally bought a diaper bag! That's news breaking. It's not the Fluerville one I so desperately wanted but it's similar and about 1/3 of the price. Check it out! I purchased it in a very cute little baby store in Fell's Point, The Corduroy Button (supposedly will have a website soon). But the locals I encourage you to visit the store. Yes Bryan hates the diaper bag and I made many attempts to find one we both liked equally as much but that grew to be impossible.

It's also my first sandal wearing of the season and it feels good. Fuck all those people who would give me shit saying your not "supposed to wear sandals before May" or whatever the hell the day is. I hardly listen to any rules in life; do I look like I give a fuck about fashion rules? Sorry but there happens to be more important things so if it's going to be 85 degrees in April, then I'm gonna wear some damn sandals. But I realized as I was getting ready this morning I should protect the world from my grotesque, unpolished toenails. I had been begging Bryan to paint them for me because I've been too busy to get in a pedicure, and I'm unable to hold my breath long enough to reach my toes myself. We kept forgetting so this morning after some Cirque De Soleil maneuvers, I managed to get on one coat. From far away they look GOOD ENOUGH.

Also Bryan has been diligently working on the nursery and it’s really coming along now. I have never been happier with paint colors before and they actually MATCH THE SWATCH. That’s a first. I was really worried about the green because it’s the color I wanted in our bathroom which turned out to be way too electric but this time it’s right on. I can’t wait for the nursery to be finished. I’ll eventually post pictures when it’s in its final state. Hopefully soon!


Blogger KB said...

OMG I am so gonna buy the same one and my baby is already 1 and half yrs., it's so cute!

2:25 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

awesome baby bag! If I didn't already own 2 already, I might glom one for myself. er, for my babies.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you all like it! I'm one of those people that doubt every purchase I make so I feel a little better!

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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