Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Did the mail come?!

Oh my God, oh my God, so excited.

I just ordered these shoes (thanks again for the link Elb!) and these FREAKIN' adorable baby leg warmers in blue/brown stripe and olive/khaki stripe. Must stop shopping. Christmas is coming faster than you can save money. (Don't worry hun, all from my allowance!)

I have to give major props to Fuzzy Peach because she bought the leg warmers first and is the one who told me where to find them. (Fuzzy Peach I hope you don't mind me totally stealing your baby style, I figured we live in completely different parts of the country and don't know any of the same people and probably will never run into each other the same day our babies are wearing them, etc, more reasons...). I'm just so looking forward to not have to deal with diaper changes at home with taking pants on and off since it can get chilly in our house these days.

But more importantly after many hours of asking where to find and buying and returning and searching, I FINALLY found vitamins that do not contain dairy/soy/wheat/gluten/corn and are NOT in a capsule made from beef. Not an easy feat. Do you know how unneriving it is to be on an elimination diet only to find out you sabatoged yourself by trying to make up for any missing nutrients?! Very.Unnerving.


Anonymous elb said...

Hope you like them, my little one has been rocking the pink flames. They are tougher to get on than others (robeez), but will stay on until mommy or daddy (not baby!) takes them off. Rock on baby J.

10:57 AM  
Blogger fuzzypeach said...

Of course I don't mind, so long as you post pics of J wearing them asap!! He'll look adorable and you will love their convenience.

Glad you found some vitamins!!

12:11 PM  

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