Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Not a loser this week

For J's 3 month birthday I took him to the movies. Alright that is a lie, I went for myself but he totally wanted to see "In Her Shoes" too. But ah-ha! I had a friend and her baby with me this week. Not the lonely loser this time. It went well, I can't say it was as carefree as our first time but it wasn't bad. He didn't cry but there was a period where he was getting a little fidgety, he needed a nap but wouldn't sleep and had no interest in nursing (gasp!) And then he pooped. This may not be a surprise since he is afterall a baby and this is what babies do but I saw the back of his white onesie slowly turning brown as yet another diaper leaked. He needed to be changed ASAP. I've been getting cocky with all this motherhood experience I have now so I thought I could easily change him right in the seat next to me. Changing tables? Puh-leeze those are for ametuers. (Before you go off on your tangent, I now realize this was the DUMBEST idea in the world). Not only is it pretty unsanitary (I did lay down his mat you know) but it's extremely difficult as well. It was a disaster but once I had started there I had to finish.

I laid him sidways so his head and feet were both by the arm rests. I reach for his wipes and suddenly he's gone! The seat closed up on him! You would think 15+ pounds would be enough to keep it open. I freaked out, pulled him out of the crack and apologized like mad. He, the content babe he is, could care less. I then turn him the other way so his feet are up on the back of the seat but he likes to test out his legs so much these days, he kept practically catapulting himself off of the chair. So with one hand on the wiggle worm at all times, I reach two seats down (why I didn't have all this shit next to me I don't know) trying to reach his new outfit and I knock my purse onto his head and chest with some contents spilling out. Again, he could care less. It was probably the most stressful diaper change ever but I had to keep a happy face on making him smile because I am in a room full of moms that are probably hawk-eyeing me checking off every little mistake I made. And during that episode there were plenty of mistakes. After the movie I changed him again, this time in their bathroom on the changing table. Surprisingly, things did not go any better. My game was off today let me tell ya. It could be because I have to be the most sleep deprived person in the world. And J is not to blame. I canNOT sleep to save my life. I am wide awake until 3 or 4 in the morning. I force myself to stay in bed after J's first night feeding but I just toss and turn waking him up I'm sure. It's awful, I don't know what my problem is.

J has been a little weird the last couple of days. Not bad, just different. Tugging on his ear again and not nursing well and such a drool factory. We started wondering if he was teething already. I thought he was a bit young but it could happen. I also read that teething can start 2 months before the tooth ever shows so that could be what we're dealing with. Bryan was so funny the other night he was feeling his gums and excitedly yelled from the other room "we got a tooth!" I run into the room as if it would suddenly disappear and feel where this new mouth feature is supposed to be. I don't feel anything AND it was on the side towards the back. I'm sure it's a possibility but I really doubt that J's first tooth will be a fang. Sorry hun but good try. Even today at the movies his shirt was soaking wet and since I haven't needed a bib before I forgot to pack one. Fortunately my friend had one to lend me

Yes that is a pink bib on my macho man. I'm not one for "color-coding" kids (as someone once said). I don't think Pink = Girl and Blue = Boy but this particular pink bib says "Daddy's little girl." Now that might be a bit too femme for me. It did, however, get the job done.

Here we are at the movies


Anonymous Carol said...


Poor J, he always looks so surprised by that damn camera.

11:55 PM  
Blogger The Mom said...

That second picture is hilarious. This whole post is hilarious... I just pictured that whole diaper-changing scene at the movies. Haha! Let me just say, it's happened to each and every one of us! Welcome to mommyhood! Even the second time around, we had the same tooth experience with Ava. We swore the little white dot on her gum was a tooth, even though it would have been the canine (fang!). She had all the teething symptoms starting around 3.5-4 mos. Lo and behold, the next week she had thrush, and then 2 days later cut her TWO FRONT bottom teeth. We were way off on that one. DJ cut his first tooth at 3 mos. You never know, J does seem to think he's a lot older than he really is!

7:08 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

I could have sworn Ryan was teething around 3 months to, but no tooth ever showed. I mentioned it to the doctor at his 4 month check up and she said that around 3 months is when the salivary glands kick in and babies don't know what to do with all the spit so they drool. Interesting factoid... but some abbies do start it that early.
I also know Ryan was a major PIA at 3 months - never happy, whiny, clingy, drooly.... Yea, Christmas was fun....

7:49 AM  
Blogger Ticket 4 Two said...

Your baby got stuck in the seat! Oh, poor Jay :) I love those suprised little expressions he gets for the camera. Do you think he does it on purpose? so. cute.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Candice said...

Wow you're brave. I've never taken any of my kids to the movies. Ever.
The seat closing up? A little funny. The time I forgot to buckle Jordan's carrying carseat into it's base and half way around a corner I realize he's in that thing upside down behind my seat? Not funny.

12:26 PM  
Blogger holli said...

Insomnia sucks - take it from a pro.

Yeah, in that movie pic.. he looks completely unfazed.. LOL!!!

I hate trying to change diapers in unexpected places. Someone needs to come up with some magical contraption. I don't know what it is - but if anyone discovers it.. let me know and I'm in.

Good job on diaper changing in the movies - now that is talent!!

12:35 PM  
Blogger mamaloo said...

If you are still using disposables, tuck the top of the diaper (usually just a bit of "fabric" flap, inwards. I found that this helped to contain the gigantic breastfeeding ass-mush.

Though, after 6 weeks till about 6 mths when we were well on the way with table food, Kieran only crapped once a week. That's right folks! Amazing miracle once-a-week shitter! It was actually a lot more stressful than it sounds as we were always anxious about that one shit, per week, but it definately hads some pros. And, holy jebus! Those were the biggest, smelliest, messiest diapers you could imagine.

Hey, doesn't the mom and me movies make you feel human? I loved it. And, it always ticked my husband off to no end that I'd seen all kinds of great movies at the theatre while he was at work.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

ugg that happened to us once at outback. diareeeeaaahhh cha cha cha. i had to strip her naked and leave w/ bella in just her dipe and shoes and coat. i felt so white trash.

10:22 AM  

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